DJ Freedom Cares Goes International!!!

I am proud to announce that I have been selected to Study Abroad in the Fall of 2016!!! I will be attending Oxford Brookes University located in Oxford, England. It has been a long a grueling process of deciding to travel so far from home and my family. I am also going to miss Sac State my beloved campus and club KSSU. My radio show has become an intricate part of my week and I am going to miss it and the gang at KSSU. I will continue my education and study Economics, completing my electives … [Continue Reading...]


B.A.P 2016 Live On Earth, SF

WHO IS B.A.P? The super short and brief explanation (mainly only on their concert activities). B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) debuted in January 2012. This Korean boy band is well-known as a strong Hip-Hop group that consists of six members (Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jong Up, and Zelo) in which their music describes self-identity and the social issues of the world. A year after their debut, B.A.P had two concerts: Pacific World Tour in 2013 and Live On Earth … [Continue Reading...]


April Fools Day

Truthfully, I was never one to pay much attention to April fools day. It is not a day I dread, fearing lame jokes or hoax announcements from various companies. Nor do I look forward to the day like Spongebob. Some of the announcements are absolutely ridiculous. For example, this year Duolingo, a free language learning site, announced a language learning pillow that promises to teach you a language as you sleep. That would be fantastic if it were real. Some companies announce sequels to their … [Continue Reading...]


Album Review: Tacocat – Lost Time

At first glance, Tacocat seems like a very innocuous thing. The four-piece band’s name comes across as disarming and playful with sunny instrumentation to match. Yet, to overlook the depth of Tacocat’s music, their “bubblegum rock,” is to do the band a disservice. “Lost Time,” an album made up of 12 poignant looks at life, picks up where Tacocat last left off in every regard. The instrumentation on “Lost Time” feels largely similar to the band’s last album, “NVM,” it’s the writing that … [Continue Reading...]


Gold!!! Course Registration Info

It’s mid-April, and the Spring 2016 semester is nearly over. This time of year is usually the time when students frantically endeavor to finish their final assignments and pack loads of information into their brains for their finals. Subsequently, this is also the time of year when student course registration dates are assigned. Once dates and times have been assigned, and students typically tend to have mixed feelings about their allotted appointments. However, registration dates have not … [Continue Reading...]


Baseball is in the air

It's the time of year for baseball!  Spring training has been going on for a few weeks and I am very excited to what this baseball season has in store. From football, to basketball, and now baseball, it's time to see what is going to be in store for us this season. I like baseball a lot. Here in Sacramento, CA, we have our very own baseball team, Sacramento Rivercats! They have their games in West Sacramento over at Raley Field. I saw a Rivercats game last year and I had a lot of fun, and I hope … [Continue Reading...]



KSSU Celebrates 25 years of Student Run Radio

Sacramento, CA: KSSU, Sacramento State’s student run radio, turns 25 years old this semester. Although the actual anniversary is on May 14th, the official celebration is slated for April 15th in the University Union from 10:00am to 8:00pm. KSSU is an online radio station that broadcasts live 24/7 on It is run entirely by Sac State students. Being … [Read More...]



Album Review: Ty Segall – Emotional Mugger

At this point in his career the only thing more wild than Ty Segall’s output, this being Segall’s 16th album in eight years, are the touring personas he has adopted for his new album, “Emotional Mugger.” Segall keeps in character throughout all … [Read More...]


Album Review: Anvil – Anvil is Anvil

Anvil is Anvil is the final ballad from a sinking ship we call Earth and if we don’t change our tune it will mean our imminent doom. If you needed a soundtrack to a tough-guy pirate cartoon in the same vein as Disney Channel’s Dave the Barbarian, … [Read More...]

Grimes Art Angels

Album Review: Art Angels

In Grimes fourth album Art Angels, her unique pop like sound is brought out on the various tracks in this album. I have heard about Grimes with her previous album, "Visions",  being recorded on Garageband but I have yet to try and listen to her … [Read More...]

boss selection

Weekly Staff Picks #1

Welcome to KSSU’s inaugural weekly staff picks! This is where our DJs pick their current favorite song and artist from recently released music. We will feature 5-6 songs that are currently on our radar. Stay tuned every week to see what we pick, … [Read More...]


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