Music Review – “#STUPiDFACEDD” by Wallpaper.

Music Review – “#STUPiDFACEDD” by Wallpaper.
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

So there is a new sound that just came out by Wallpaper. They hail from my slice of the world, California, and more accurately, the bay area (which I have an affinity with, and its music – hyphy, yee!).  Granted, Wallpaper. is not rappin’ like it is a hyphy album.  Their music is more acceptable past the West coast.

Just on July 26th, 2011, he released what appears to be an album (A follow up to “Doodoo Face”), but has the sound more of an EP or mixtape called “#STUPiDFACEDD.”  It is a 10-track piece that is a quite enjoyable listen.  Wallpaper. reminds me of a fusion of LMFAO, Spose, and Mike Posner.  His first single, and the first album on the track, #STUPiDFACEDD, has a “Party Rock” feel/vibe to, while his lyrics are very comical (and for some reason brings to mind “I’m Awesome” by Spose), and it is topped off with a certain swag you can’t knock (“Cooler Than Me” maybe?).

Granted, most of the other tracks aren’t party worthy (in my books, which are very picky), but they are good for jammin’ to in the car, on your MP3 Player/smartphone/laptop/cloud.  Because I am partial to the bay, I do like track 6, “Butt2Butt” which features Too $hort.  Track 4, “2 Pair a shades” does seem a bit of a sequel to “Cooler Than Me” though now that I think about it.

In any case, you should check the album out.  I am not sure if Spotify is rockin’ it yet, but it is on iTunes and Amazon.  Since Wallpaper. is for whatever reasons considered “Indie” (in the sense that he’s NOT Mike Posner or some other mainstream artist), his songs are $.99 each, and the album as a whole cheaper than buying some mainstream artist like LMFAO.  So definitely worth a venture into checking him out.  While you’re at it, go listen to “I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted.”  It is also a good single.

#STUPiDFACEDD is a surprisingly good album, and a great introduction to anyone looking for something a bit unique and fresh.



  1. Orson T. says:

    cool review. i’d rather buy this cool stuff than some **MAIN$TREAM** artist any day. keep it real.

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