Dressing to Impress

Something I have seen in today’s day in age by the upcoming youth is their style of dressing for events such as Winter Formal, Prom, Weddings, interviews, and other such formal events.  It seems that many kids hate dressing up.  There is something about a suit that just isn’t cool (clearly they are lacking in Superman/Clark Kent, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Men in Black, and other such positive influences).  Sometimes they may dress nicely for a while, but eventually the tie loosens up AT the event.  Overall, these guys need to be taken to school to learn how to dress sharp.  Fortunately, I am here.  So here are a few lessons.

First Impressions are Key
You need a suit.  No if’s, and’s, but’s about it.  It needs to be in tact (no tattered pants, shirts, jackets, etc.).  It doesn’t necessarily have to be matching (you can mix and match colored pants, shirts, and jackets (within reason) – that will be addressed later).  But it has to be well kept.

You Have to Look Put Together
By this I mean there has to be some matching going on. In modern times, generally the DRESS shirt (I emphasize dress, not casual) and tie match/compliment each other (via colors).  However, another alternative (that is sort of making a comeback) is matching your DRESS socks (another emphasis, no casual socks) with the shirt.  The tie then can match with the suit or just be an accent color.

Vest Are NOT out of Fashion
Yes, Justin Timberlake did rock vests (and sometimes still do), it is still stylish.  Vest can add another element of color for matching schemes, and to boot, they allow for an extra layer in case you get cold, or a way to still look well kept (and not have your tie flying in the wind) when you take your jacket off.

You Don’t Have to Own It
Though it can get costly, you can rent tuxedos and suits.  I wouldn’t make it a habit, but sometimes you have to step your game up.  You should always own one suit though to cut back on increasing cost of renting.  Use your best judgement on when to rent or not.

Final Touches and Calling it a Day
This is NOT the time when you put on you tennis shoes; you wear dress shoes with suits.  This is also NOT the time where you wear your baseball cap.  This is the time you wear a watch (as illustrated in the first image), a pocket watch, or the handkerchief in the suit pocket.  That’s it.  The zoot suit chain is now out of style (for at least 50 years).  The suit is meant to be simple, sleek, yet powerful.  You walk head held high, back straight, with a smile, and a normal tie.  No skinny ties.  With this, you can own a party, meet a stranger, be able to approach almost anyone, and turn heads.  Dressing sharp is no secret.  It is simple, and a great thing to do.  Try it on special occasions, or just randomly on any day you feel like turning heads.   “You will like the way you look.  I guarantee it.”



  1. sjchevalier07 says:

    Well said and agreed with. I will have to share this!

  2. Some nice looking suits here – gotta love the James Bond one! 🙂

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