M.M.A. UFC 3: Pride Roster Reactions

ESPN released the “Pride Mode” roster for THQ’s upcoming “UFC3” which is due to be released in February.  This mode allows gamers to expierence the old school and unique feel of the PRIDE era with the different rulesets, entrances and fighters of the Golden age of Japanese Mixed Martial Arts.Here are my quick reactions to these fighters with some videos for reference for you newer fans.

Bob Sapp <- The beast s best known for his time in K-1 and his hilarious commercials expect a huge brawler with no grappling or defense skills.
Big Nog <- Any fan of the UFC knows who he is, but his dominance of the PRIDE era was nothing short of amazing.
Dan Severn <- Dan made his name in the early days of the UFC, but made a great showing in PRIDE as well.
Don Frye <- The most epic American in the history of America. One half of the greatest/worst brawl ever. He cuts a mean promo as well.
Gary Goodridge <- Double G today has dropped 7 straight and is done, in the Pride era he was a bully of the highest order.
Gilbert Yvel <- The Ric Flair of MMA has a wierd issue with biting, eye gouging and ref beating, I doubt this stuff will get into the game
Heath Herring <- The Texas Crazyhorse was for a while the great American Heavyweight, one time challanger for the PRIDE heavyweight strap.

Kevin Randleman <- I can only remember two things about Randleman, his UFC days and Sakuraba’s epic Super Mario Entrance against him. (That Zuffa has snuffed out of internet existance)
Mark Hunt <– Hunt had a few great fights in PRIDE against Wanderlei and Cro Cop, I think of him more as a k-1 guy and as an armbar wizard after his fight with Ben Rothwell
Mark Coleman <-Newer fans know of him as “that old dude”, the hammer was a monster back in the day, his most famous PRIDE moment is the Brawl that followed his fight with Shogun Rua.
Mirko Crocop <- Mirko, nuff said, you can relive his days as the Terminator
Kazuhiro Nakamura <- Kaz had a great run in PRIDE, he was a victim of the loose weight class definitions as he fought much larger opponents like Josh Barnett.
Shogun Rua <- Shogun was the prodigy in PRIDE, his only loss was a Coleman by a broken arm. Buzzsawed through everyone to win the 2005 PRIDE Grand Prix, in the Grand Prix he beat Rampage Jackson, Lil Nogueria, Alistair Overeem and Ricardo Arona.
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson <- Rampage was just that, when he wasn’t sexually assaulting female reporters, or having his chicken stolen, he was running over opponents.
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou <- Gotta admit, wierd that he is here only fought three fights in PRIDE, fought much more extensively in PRIDE’s successor DREAM.
Vitor Belfort <- The UFC star had a nice run in PRIDE.
Wanderlei Silva <- Just cue Sandstorm
Ninja Rua <- Shogun’s big brother may not have had the post-PRIDE success, but he had a solid run in PRIDE.
Jens Pulver <- Jens is the man, nuff said.
Marcus Aurelio <- The Jiu-Jitsu ace went 3-3 in PRIDE with a failed title shot against Gomi.
Takanori Gomi <- The Fireball Kid was the hard drinking, hard fighting darling of PRIDE, was a monster throughout the PRIDE era.
Anderson Silva <- Anderson before we was an unstoppable killing machine, I have seen a gameplay video with the crazy sub that Ryo Chonan caught him with.
Chuck Liddell <- The Iceman was the UFC’s representative in PRIDE for the 2003 Middle weight Grand Prix.
Dan Henderson <- PRIDE’s Pound for pound king was the final PRIDE Welterweight and Middleweight Champion.
Murilo Bustamante <- Bustamante was a solid fighter in the PRIDE era, with tough fights with Rampage, Henderson and Minowaman.
Akihiro Gono <- YES!!!!! Gono is the perfect embodiment of everything great about PRIDE. His entrances were epic, epic, and more epic (Watch the ending one in the UFC)
Carlos Newton <- Newton had a great career in PRIDE, his match against Kazushi Sakuraba is probably the best MMA grappling display in the sports history. “The Plum Smuggler” also rocked some quality fight attire.
Dennis Kang <- Kang was one of those PRIDE fighters like Gono who were given a hard road to stay in the UFC, was cut after a FOTN performance against Michael Bisping.
Paulo Filho <- wierd story, never lost a fight in PRIDE, but PRIDE was eaten by Zuffa before he could win a title or a Grand Prix. Beat Chael Sonnen in the WEC afterwards
Phil Baroni <- Baroni is a shell of the awesomeness he was, “The New York Badass” was the blueprint for the Jersey Shore Crew and was a hell of a fighter at the same time.
Royce Gracie <- Deserves to be there, but I have a quick rant about this.
Ryo Chonan <- great fighter but he is here for one reason (see: Anderson Silva)
Anotonio Rogerio Nogueria – “Lil Nog” didn’t win a title like his brother, but he was a beast in PRIDE


Fedor – I am sure the EA game prevents this, but that game isn’t going to happen anymore, can’t Dana figure out a way to bully EA in to selling the rights for him?

Kazushi Sakuraba – How the hell is there no Sakuraba in this? Dana open your checkbook! He is PRIDE’s poster boy and if you have Royce Gracie in the game, you need to have Saku to recreate their epic Grand Prix fight.

Yoshihiro Takayama – Look, I get that he was 0-3 in PRIDE and was a Japanese Pro Wrestler brought in for promotional purposes, but that Don Frye fight was so awesome, that needs to be relived in video game form.

Genki Sudo – Yeah, Yeah I know he wasn’t in PRIDE. I just don’t care, put him in anyway, too much awesome.

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