Half Passed 12…

Sometimes, I lay awake between the twilight hours of the night, and think to myself, reflect and begin to document my thoughts of the moment….

As the sun rises, from the coast across and away,

the light shines through, for the start of the day,

half-passed midnight, we begin to awaken,

eyes barely open, still before dawn, we’re surely mistaken,

but alas, we are not, the sky is full and blue,

erupting with the beams of sun, shining through,

with every hour that passes, we surely get closer,

expecting events of the day, to be like a roller coaster,

I say this in sure, that every hour changes a person,

whether it be good or bad, we must adapt to and learn it,

for around every corner, though it be day,

we never can see around it, to our dismay,

like walking in the dark, we proceed with our caution,

guards up, surprises come without warning,

again, as mentioned, people change as the hour passes,

blind sighting us, fogging the vision glasses,

we still, must press on, no matter how hard,

we clocked in our life’s work card, and must now work hard,

to make it closer to lunch, or at least close to it,

so we may catch a breather, success so far, toast to it,

now the remainder, half day is left,

counting down the hours, until relief of the stress,

I can barely comprehend, how much time has passed,

but still remaining every hour, is a surprise yet to be lapped,

I await in anticipation, for the conclusion’s unfold,

now is the toughest battle, just wait and behold,

only in my hands, may the challenge be changed,

for this opponent, is someone tough to be tamed,

still, counting down, only minutes left,

destiny’s decision, gambler’s bet,

will I win, or will I lose, it is not up to me,

I need to figure the outcome, and a strategy,

as the sun sets, again another day,

drawing to a close, with no one, in the winner’s cage,

I leave this in your capable hands, dear reader,

please let your imagination run wild, and tame the seeker,

this has no ending or beginning, but a middle, it has,

you choose when the day begins, and when it has passed,

then when your day is done, you may finally ask,

did I live this dream, or dream this day, my friend,

either way, I close the eyes, open and say,

good morning sun, as I welcome, another day….

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