My Halloween weekend with Sadao Bowden.

The weekend starts off with my most favorite person Sadao. I arrive at the Sacramento airport to pick him up from his flight wearing my Pirate costume. We then hurriedly get his things into the car and then head straight to the bay area. There we head straight to where the party was in the streets of San Francisco. It takes us about 45 minutes to find parking, but when we do park we finally reach into the back seat and start drinking the bottle we brought with us to get a head start. We then walk up and down the streets, meeting people, taking pictures and bar hopping. We then approach a local night club called The Café and attempt to club in there. The experience inside The Café was not what I expected. It was too overcrowded, I couldn’t find the bathroom, and everyone was spilling on me and stepping on my toes. To say the least I started to get quickly irritated. My friend Sadao got lost in all the chaos while trying to get us drinks. When he finally returned to me he only had a straw and an empty cup. Right when I was about to get upset at him for getting ahead of me he said he spilled it all over himself while trying to return to me due to someone bumping into him. I then noticed some rude lady and her purse continually bumping into me. I then attempted to share my drink with Sadao when I ended up wearing it because the next sloppy person bumped into me. The irritation level from the both of us continued to rise and then we made an exit. We then continued up and down the cold streets of San Francisco enjoying the sights and meeting people until we decided to call it a night and head back to our friend’s house in Richmond, Ca.

The next morning we meet up with a mutual friend of Sadao and headed back to San Francisco to go shopping. While meeting up with the friend we ended up at the Mall where we were asked to take pictures at Bloomingdales for the Mac Runways and makeup opening. While sipping on our provided blue martinis we then headed to the food court where we got full off of the unlimited samples we asked for. We then head to the freezing cold Fisherman’s Wharf to warm up on Clam Chowder when we are approached to enter some mirror fun house. After getting lost numerous times and being chased by a man with a tennis racket we finally dropped off the friend and headed back to Sacramento to go to a house party. At the house party we were greeted by some of the KSSU team who sent us on our way down a dark and spooky haunted house where a man terrified us in a storage unit. After all that we went home to get some rest to do it all again the next day.

The next night we head back to San Francisco to have on last night of clubbing. It starts off with light drinking at three clubs and two bars some pizza eating and a man having a full length conversation in his birthday suit (he was in the nude). We then get our party on at a different night club and I then get man handled for jumping into a night club. When confronting the bounce man for man handling and making me scream he responded “don’t get mad at me your breasts jumped into my arms!” Hmm… I had to stop and think about that one. To make a very long and eventful weekend short, I had a blast in all the three days and unfortunately due to subject matter I am unable to tell you further details. We all were safe in the end and none of us got arrested. I would say this was one of the greatest Halloween’s thank you to my good friend Sadao.


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