CD Review: Without a Trayce

CD Review: Without a Trayce

TRAYCE. That’s the name of Sac States rap artist. He has a new mixtape out call Without a Trayce. The CD focuses on showcasing the MC’s ability to make songs for the ladies and for the homies. He definitely is a talent in the music world. He features artist YG on his track “Pick you up”, its a real dope listen. In addition, his mixtape features a track with KSSU legend Vince Vicari on the track titled “Done”. Vince’s vocals add a different element to the music which shows you how versatile Trayce’s music is.

The mixtape features twelve tracks. The beats are dope, the lyrics are fresh, and the mixtape is great quality. You can tell lots of work was put into the project. The mixtape was produced by ON1THOUSAND G B ROC aka Oni, another Sac State student. I highly recommend you listen to the mixtape and support good music. This is recommended Hip-Hop.

El Jefe



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