Music Review: Drake – “Take Care”

Music Review: Drake – “Take Care”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

And Drizzy Drake is at it again.  With what is officially his sophomore album (but we all know this is unofficially his third.  His mixtape/EP “So Far Gone” was so dope it was like a debut album).  I personally am a huge fan of Drake (post-Degrassi of course).  After all the rumors that another album was coming, I almost couldn’t contain myself.  So how did “Take Care” do?

“Take Care,” overall is very mellow.  Whereas “So Far Gone” and “Thank Me Later” had a mix of highs and lows, tracks that made you wanna do your thing, “Take Care” is more mellow and smooth.  My favorite thing of Drake is, and always has been, his flows.  He rhymes and raps so smooth and his pitch is just right.  He was made to sing and rap how he does.

Just because it was mellow doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great album.  His first single off “Take Care” was “Headlines”. It’s a great track that finds its similarities to “Miss Me”. It is hard to say exactly what is similar, but the flow is similar.  For those who follow Drake on Facebook, he did give a sneak peak at another song that did not become a single –Marvin’s Room. It’s feel is similar to “Successful”.  His latest single getting air time right now is Make Me Proud which features Nicki Minaj.  Ironically, it is quite familiar to “Up All Night” which is another duet they sang/rapped before.

Yes, everything on “Take Care” sounds like something we heard from Drake – which is just fine by me, but yet at the same time leaves me a little unsettled.   Overall, I love it since I love Drake so this features what he does and I can’t complain for that.  However, as some people noted, it lacks his drive and passion.  “So Far Gone” and “Thank Me Later” had a hunger for respect and fame.  Now he has his fame and respect (as far as he can claim for now) so it almost seems a bit complacent.

The album is slated to drop November 15th, 2011, barring any other set backs (it has been pushed back once already).  Do I recommend you buying it?  Yes.  For those who love Drake, this ranks at about a 9 (give or take a few decimals).  It should be solid for any Drake enthusiast.  For everyone else, this album is “different”.  My favorite term I like to throw out.  That is, it doesn’t sound like anything else you hear out there.  Most others would see this as a 5-7.  For non-Drizzy fans, I recommend youtubing a few songs or listening to some of the samples of it on iTunes before buying the entire album.  As always, if all else fails, buy your favorite songs.  My favorite songs are: Headlines, Marvins Room, Make Me Proud, HYFR, and The Real Her.  But that’s just me.  Enjoy everyone.

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