Wale Ambition tour in Sacramento

On November 23rd, 2011, one of hip hop’s brightest stars arrived in Sacramento at the Sunrise Event Center and didn’t disappoint at all. Although the promoters who hosted the concert didn’t handle everything as well as planned, it nevertheless was a great show and if you didn’t get a chance to see Wale perform, you missed out.

Before Wale showed up, there was an artist by the name of Black Cobain that I feel should be mentioned. He had a good set and certainly caught my ear and will be looking forward to new music from him in the future. He even freestyled at the end of his set that raised eyebrows and got plenty of people to pay attention. After the show, I made an effort to find out if he has any music available and it turns out that he dropped Young Black and Gifted mixtape earlier this year. I’m going to have to take a listen to that when I can to have a final judgement on his musical abilities. As of right now, Black Cobain is someone to watch for who hails from the DMV region (much like Wale).

What I enjoyed the most about the show that night was although he performed tracks off his Ambition album, he performed many tracks from his previous mixtapes. Any fan who has been following him for a couple of years now was eccstatic when the DJ dropped “Nike Boots”, a song explaining his DMV roots and his afffection for the Nike brand shoe. Wale also performed what was sure the most requested song of the night in “Lotus Flower Bomb”. The smooth and sultry track was definitely for the women in attendance. (not that I’m complaining at all) Many of his mixtape hits like “Chain Music”, “Tats on My Arm”, and “Wale Dance” were songs that kept myself and the audience happy.

The show reached max capacity, so it definitely was a great turn out. There were probably even more people than anticipated which caused for a delay. I was hoping for Wale’s Maybach Music Group crew mates would make an special appearance, but other than that, he is more than welcomed back in town.


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