Music Review: Eddie Caine – Aqua 8s & Heartaches

By Rehab

From the words of the artist himself and the mindset that he was at when creating this project:

“after months & months of deliberation I decided I wanted to provide the world w/a project that showcased my mastery of the rhyming mechanics & lyricism but in this day & age a lengthy attention span is a lost art form.. so I said to myself what does every one love? women. thus I sought out to rehash some of my past wounds, extend some public apologies & paint pictures of pretty princesses. my resources were quite limited hence they postponement but here it is something I can be proud to say is mines..”

The album has a organic feel to it. Every track seems to build off one another and showcases the album as a complete project. It’s not something in which one can just skip around song to song, a missing element in today’s hip hop. Eddie also prides himself in lyrics, and it shows in his imagery in songs such as “(The Mourning After) Heartache”:

“I’m just staring at my past with a view from the rafters/ & it Stings swear the view from here is perfect/ starting to realize none of it was worth it”

I wasn’t feeling “Patron Heels All Wounds” too much. The production of the song seems to drown out Eddie’s tale of a woman who loves the limelight. A few tracks also could have been a bit longer and it feels incomplete such as “Kiss Begins With K”. It could have made a few songs better by perhaps extending the track by a minute or so.

This is a project that I feel you should check out. I was surprised by Aqua 8s and had no idea it would turn out solid. Eddie paid attention to the little details that make the listening experience something to remember. The presentation of Aqua 8s is dope, as he provides a lyric book so you can follow his journey.


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