Aerrow Shapiro’s Top of the List – 3 – Top 5 Favorite Singles from Ash’s A-Z Series

3 – Top 5 Favorite Singles from Ash’s A-Z Series
by Aerrow Shapiro (Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power)


Note:  The opinions of this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect nor the public opinion, since people’s tastes differ from each other.

After the release of their 2007 album, Twilight of the Innocents, Irish rock band Ash decided to take a departure from the conventional releases in favor of something more interesting.  This then led to the idea of releasing a series of singles, both through download and limited-edition vinyl, called the A-Z Series.  With “Return of White Rabbit” (released in May 2009) being the prequel to the series, the series officially started in October 12, 2009, with “True Love 1980” being the single for the letter A.  This then lasted throughout the year’s span with a new single released every two weeks with each one representing each letter of the English alphabet, leading to its final single “There Is Hope Again” on September 27, 2010, representing the letter Z.  All of the singles are available for download on  On this edition of Aerrow Shapiro’s Top of the List, I will list my top five favorite singles from the A-Z Series by Ash.

5 – Dare to Dream (Single N – 12 Apr 2010)
With the music in this song building up from the beginning and  the rest of the band joining in at latter half, I consider this as one of my top favorites.  Because of that sort of structure in this single, I felt that it has some sort of epic atmosphere.  Plus, it also has a good bridge that fits well with the way the song was played out.

4 – True Love 1980 (Single A – 12 Oct 2010)
This song pretty much has some sweetness mixed with Ash’s signature alt-rock sound with the music being reminiscent of ‘80s new wave due to its usage of synthesizers and keyboards.  And its lyrics that involve love and emotion combining its sound make this a stand-out single in my book.

3 – Binary (Single Q – 24 May 2010)
Combining their rock music with some electronic influences, the single is pretty much lush and upbeat, albeit with a harder edge, compared to “True Love 1980”.  There is some guitar present, especially in the solo, which balances the two aforementioned sounds apparent in this single.

2 – Neon (Single I – 1 Feb 2010)
I consider this single as one of my favorites because of its dark mood and tone, possibly due to its usage of the piano sound (mainly in the verses).  Plus, lyrics like “The faint glimmer of the stars/the entrance of the night” adds to the dark and mysterious atmosphere, which I have a thing for.

1 – Arcadia (Single C – 9 Nov 2009)
With a perfect (or near-perfect) blend of piano, guitar, bass, and drums, this single has an upbeat sound with an adventurous sound.  That, along with its adventurous lyrics with a sort of love theme (“Sailing home under the stars/to be safe in your arms”), make this one a clear winner on this list

So that about wraps up my list for my top five singles (out of 26, or 27 if you count the prequel “Return of White Rabbit”) from Ash’s A-Z Series .  As usual, if you have any other ideas on how your list should be, please put in your list in the comments for this article.  In the meantime, please keep your eye on the blog in two weeks for another article.
Aerrow Shapiro is a DJ who hosts an alt/indie show called Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power.  You can find more info on that show on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@hourofpowerkssu).


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