Dating Tips

The power of the foot: Bored during a movie or want to make the meal a little flirty? One of the things you can do to intrigue your partner during a date is to initiate a game of footsie. Not sure if your partner is up for it? Maintain eye contact and try light tapping at first. Watch your date’s reaction and react appropriately. If they smile or show signs that they’re interested, move a little closer. You can continue the game by coyly rubbing and locking ankles. Don’t be afraid to shed a shoe or to move your foot a little up their leg. Remember to be gentle and natural. Playing footsie is an easy, low-pressure way to flirt and initiate physical contact, so try to relax and have fun!

Run Forest, run: How to make a clean get away when you wake up next to a double chin instead of double D’s. First, gently AND QUIETLY extract yourself from the bed. Take your time with this, any sudden movements or noise could wake the beast.

Plan A: If the beast does awake from its slumber make up an excuse. A good one is to say you have to pick up your kids from school. Children are a sure-fire way to scare them off. No need to be a heartbreaker anymore, they will roll out the red carpet to the front door.

Plan B: If you’re a ninja and they haven’t woken, quietly locate all your belongings. You may want to consider putting your cell phone on silent in case you receive a call. Exit the bedroom nude; leave the changing for another room…you must remain stealthy. Do NOT put on your shoes, they will make too much noise and watch out for squeaky floor boards. After you head out the door, finally put on your shoes and run forest run!

Unique date ideas

Cooking class                     Rock climbing                                  Flea market

Yoga                                     Board game/trivia night                Ice skating

Archery                                Comedy club/concert                     The zoo

Video game night              Day spa                                               Karaoke

Theme park                        Get tattoos                                          Drive-in movies

Dance class                         Aquarium/museum                          Dog Park

Picnic                                   Horseback riding                               Hike/bike ride

Wine tasting                       Star gazing/meteor shower              Fly a kite

Batting cages                      Carnival/ fair                                      Go ice blocking


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