Review for Jericho TV series

So I know this is a little late, seeing how the show originally aired back in 2006.  But I recently watched the TV series Jericho on Netflix.

Jericho, originally aired on CBS, is an action-adventure drama that takes place in a small town, called Jericho, in Kansas.  The main Character, Jake Green, goes back to his home town to try to get money from his parents that his grandfather left him.  Not able to convince his mayor father that he deserves it, he starts to travel back west when he witnesses an nuclear mushroom cloud coming from Denver.  Jake ends up going back to Jericho where the townspeople are freaking out.  Later the town realizes that it is not an isolated event.  Major cities in United States are wiped off the map. Later you find out that an undercover FBI agent, Hawkins, brought his family to Jericho knowing that the bombs were going to go off.  Hawkins has a secret, he is still in possession of one of the bombs he was supposed to detonate.  As the series moves along, the town people loose electricity and start running out of food and supplies.  Jericho, being one of the only places not affected by the nuclear fallout, starts to become a place where people are drawn too.  This includes refugees from other places and government contract soldiers who threaten to take what the citizens of Jericho have.

As the season rolls along, The citizens of Jericho are tested as they try to survive in the post apocalyptic world.  They travel to outposts and trade salt from their mine to try to get parts to build windmills. They need to power their homes and hospital during the cold months of winter.  This eventually leads them into a war with a neighboring town over resources.  The town of New Bern does not have the farms and resources that Jericho does but they do have a manufacturing plant.  They use their plant to start making weapons and mortars to attack the citizens of Jericho.  Trying to pressure town, the leader of New Bern starts an all out war that leads to many casualties.  This is until the new government comes in and stops the scrimmage.  Thinking that there is hope, the town comes to realize that something is wrong with this government that is headquartered in Cheyenne.

Jericho is a very interesting show about living after a major disaster.  It is well acted and well written with lots of character development.  They ended up cutting the second season short due to not enough people watching it.  When it was over I was kind of upset.  I would have liked to seen more.  This Series gets four and a half stars from me.

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  1. Manny Lenci says:

    i also just finished watching it. It is proudly displayed on my mantle of favorites with five stars placed arounf the trophy.

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