Roll Outta Town With Brittany: Point Reyes (November Edition)

Have you ever wanted to escape the trials and troubles of your everyday life? Want to get away from school, work, or just where you live? Then here is the first, of many installments to come, of places that you can go outside of Sacramento to just get away from it all. Beautiful daytrips, glorious getaways, and events that go with them.

For our November segment our destination is Point Reyes Station and Point Reyes Lighthouse.

Point Reyes is a beautiful place hidden amongst trees and water. It is as though it is it’s own private island. As soon as you get off of the freeway you are immersed in country roads (don’t worry, they’re paved!), beautiful scenery, and quaint shops. It takes a little over 100 miles to get there, but with the majority of it being freeway.

When you arrive in Point Reyes Station you are greeted by friendly people, artsy looking buildings (I mean, they actually have a saloon and an art shop), and an overall happy atmosphere. It is a small, little town with a main road similar to that of Nevada City’s Broad Street.

There is also a market called Palace Market that in the very back of they have a deli where they make THE BEST sandwiches. As close to Mom’s as you can get, for a lot less of an expense (lol). I recommend you get one before or after your trek to the lighthouse. You will definitely need the energy for the lighthouse!

If you travel just a few more miles past Point Reyes Station, down a very beautiful road that overlooks the ocean, you will arrive at the Point Reyes lighthouse parking lot. With a short hike up a paved road, and down a flight of stairs, you will arrive at the lighthouse. When you are on the lighthouse, you feel as though you are Leonardo DiCaprio and are “King of the World” because you feel as though it is just you and the lighthouse out in the middle of the ocean. On a clear day, it is beautiful and you have a great view of the ocean that surrounds you. On a foggy day, it is even more gorgeous!

Another plus to this place is that it is only 45 miles away from San Francisco, so if you want you can go through San Francisco on your way home.

A couple other nooks and crannies that you can check out while you’re out that way are Drakes Bay, Bolinas, and even a whole shop devoted to cheese.

So if you need a weekend getaway, take my advice and go to Point Reyes.

Also, make sure you check out my show Roll Outta Bed With Brittany Monday mornings at 11am on Click listen live to hear me!


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