The interview with artist Jonathan (Charron) Waller

Unfortunately due to a lock out from the station we had to begin the interview several moments late, but Jonathan Waller was very humble and sympathetic over the situation. We started off the interview by playing some of his beats that he had produced in the background. He explained that he called his beat strictly by the number three and that he makes songs that are easy to remember by name .

The interview with Jonathan Waller (Charron Waller) was very intriguing. Waller is very passionate about his music and the industry he is in. The interview continued off with Waller explaining his background and where he is from. He explains he came from a home where entertainment was encouraged. He also goes on to talk about his family members and people that have influenced him in his life.

While interviewing Waller he explains his type of music. He says that he is more into the “older type of music like the originals”. When asked to explain he provided examples of Jimi Hendrix and other forms of Rock and Roll. He also plays for us a new hit track of his records called “Charron’s Groove”; this song was very spirited and uplifting you definitely need to hear it!
We then continued the interview by asking more personal questions such as any celebrity crushes. Also the question was asked” How do you handle music on top of other commitments?” Waller replied by “staying organized and by keeping focus”. He also stated how he wished he had more time in the day to focus on his music as it is a strong passion that he has been able to get up and moving.

The interview with Waller concluded with his latest song to drop called “Cyber Assassinated Joggers”, this was also another incredible hit that the artist Waller gave a sneak preview of. He also went on to explain that all his music is for sale and that he would be releasing a new website that allowed pay pal access to all fans. The interview with Waller was very enriching. He is a great person as well as artist please check him out you will not be disappointed.
With thanks,
Bee Tina


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