The Trip

Aw the epic cross country trip, the American dream, wide open skies, nothing but the road and music blasting. That’s what I lived. Not many people can say they were in Berkeley California one Saturday, and then be in New Jersey the next, no plane involved. This epic car ride, ultimately Sacramento on Tuesday, Baltimore Sunday was a test among tests, and it was well worth it. The first big excitement was in Nevada, at a gas station I found those old school plastic Kool Aid bottles I used to have as a kid, I haven’t seen those for I don’t know how many years, needless to say, it was just as amazing as I remembered. Nevada was much cooler than I expected with some fantastic landscape. One great thing was how nice the police there are. We were over on the side of the road for a pee break and a cop came up just wondering if there was an emergency and if he can help. How nice of him, cops aren’t all dicks. We rolled into Salt Lake City and got a great deal thanks to The next day we left early and were rewarded by the sight of a most majestic Bald Eagle, let me tell you, never have I felt such a rush of pride and patriotism. We drove through Utah and started in Wyoming, which is a beautiful state, the first half of it is simply breath taking. We stopped at a quaint little place called Little America; it was a little disappointing ultimately, because all the signs leading to it were pretty hilarious. Long story short we drove 16 hours that day, Salt Lake City to Omaha Nebraska. Nebraska sucks. The next day, Thanksgiving, was a much nicer day. We drove the 2 hours to Des Moines and met up with an old friend. There we hung out saw some sights, ate at a truck stop called Grandma Max’s, which was a pretty good Thanksgiving meal. We left Des Moines around 6 and drove up to crash at a friend’s house in Chicago. We arrived just past midnight. Met my friend’s parents and slept in a wonderful house thanks to some wonderful hosts. We had planned on getting pizza round noon or one and then leave, but when we awoke his parents had made us pancakes and ham, and offers of eggs. It was delicious, but now we weren’t hungry for pizza, so we were coerced into going to see the city, which was a fantastic. There we saw the school from Ferris Beulers Day Off, and we ended up leaving around 6. We got to our next destination Warren, Ohio around 2 in the morning, there we stayed at some more friend’s house and catching up was fantastic. Then we left the next morning to head to Jersey. Pennsylvania was really cool and we were fortunate enough to see some Amish. We drove through Philadelphia, which I understand as to why is referred to as Killadelphia. The concert was amazing, as you can read about in my review of the show. The next day we drove to Baltimore and ate at a really good BBQ place that was featured on Man vs. Food, I ate the Raven which was featured in the show. After, we drove around; we saw something akin to the Joker’s bike gang. A ton of these hood kids in Baltimore were zooming down the street on dirt bike motorcycles no helmets or anything doing the most monster of wheelies I have ever seen. One even was doing it on a quad. It was the most blatantly illegal thing I have ever seen. Being dropped off at the airport I hung out for a while and ended up getting a free upgrade to First Class on my flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City. This trip was the trip of all trips. America, Guns N Roses, and a First Class flight. Live doesn’t get much better.

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