Welcome to The Jungle, Guns N Roses Tour 2011

So after leaving Sacramento California on Tuesday, driving across country, we finally made it to Camden New Jersey Saturday night just an hour before the eight o’clock scheduled start time. Driving in, we noticed that in fact, it was more Philadelphia than New Jersey, we could look from the parking lot and see that other city, in that other state. No Camden was but an extension of that town into New Jersey, and let me tell you, it was pretty hood, we drove right up on Martin Luther King Blvd.  and right away it was pretty fighting. Luckily, the arena was down a little, closed off by fences, and there was an ample number of police to be more at ease. Right off the bat when we pulled in and got out of the car, we noticed that the energy of the crown here was much more laid back than the aggressive energy of California shows. We liked it. After hanging out for twenty or so minutes, we decided to head in. The arena was pretty nice with a lot of booths for food and refreshments. Right away before the line got too long, we decided to buy some shirts; Guns N Roses had a plethora of shirts to choose from, about nine or ten official tour shirts. We bought our shirts and then went to get water. At the stand the girl told us that they had to pour the bottles into cups, we inquired as to why, and she said they were told to in case Axl didn’t show up, they didn’t want people throwing the bottles at the stage. Awesome. So we headed to our GA section of the pit, settled in, and proceeded to take bets how late they would be getting on. Fortunately, the opening band was only an hour late. Pretty Reckless opened up, at first I didn’t know, then I vaguely recalled who they were, it’s a classic hard rock style with a chick lead singer who was Cindy Loo-who in the Jim Carrey how the Grinch Stole Christmas, (Guns n Roses actually also appeared in a Jim Carrey movie, Deadpool). So now she is eighteen and quite scantily clad. They were not terrible, but they were not original either. They played about an hour set, maybe less and got off. During their show no one really cared, which I didn’t think unusual, that’s the normal reception to opening bands of legendary acts. We left to get more water, and the same girl let us know Axl had just showed up, so the show will go on. Awesome. Guns hit the stage around 11 and stayed on until about 230 in the morning. First things first, Axl still has it. He is not as over weight as the media would have you believe and he hit the songs note for note, he did not sound nearly as bad as the Rock in Rio performance. They played favorites from all the albums, quite a bit from Chinese Democracy, and even a selection of covers. This was alright with me. The stage production was fabulous, with pyro, confetti, different levels and huge video screens. The new Guns played amazing and I will never say anything bad about Bumblefoot, the man can play. While their bass player seemed a bit haggard, they all seemed to be in relatively good health. A highlight this tour was the reintroduction of Estranged to the lineup, a song that was missing since the early 90’s. In conclusion, go see this tour, it is fantastic, the only bummer is that there is only one show so far scheduled in California, and that’s in the south, the other close one is Vegas. I am more than pleased with this amazing show ending our week long cross country trip, and even am considering getting tickets to their So.Cal show. That’s how great it was. The peculiar thing about the show was how relaxed the crowd was when GNR hit the stage, they were almost dead, just standing there occasionally getting into it. Well that’s not how we do things in California.

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