Mix Tape Review: “Those Who Wait” by Daley

Every true Gorillaz fan will know Daley as the up-and-coming British soul singer who made an appearance on the post-Plastic Beach single “Doncamatic” last year.  But with his new mix tape “Those Who Wait”, available at this link here, Daley shows he can stand on his own as an artist of true vocal integrity.

This ten-track release displays his voice in a way not shown in his contribution to Gorillaz.  With the free will to sing what and how he chooses to, Daley is able to let his true colors show, accompanied by both synthesized and acoustic numbers.  The mix tape opens promisingly with its namesake, “Those Who Wait”, a song assuring that fame and fortune will be awarded to those who have both patience and perseverance.  The other tracks glide along smoothly until the collection reaches its quite crescendo with the single, “Smoking Gun”, a song as much pop as it is R&B.  “Smoking Gun” is a glimpse at Daley’s true potential as an artist and a step in the right musical direction.  It almost seems to have the quirky touch of Damon Albarn behind it, reminiscent of their collaboration.

Simmering down with the money-themed “Spent” and the acoustic “Pretty Wings”, Daley is smart to throw in two final touches to his piece:  A remix of “Doncamatic”, the track that opened so many doors for him, and a soothing, acoustic cover of Madonna’s smash hit, “Like A Virgin”.  It’s good to know that Daley, or at least the people representing him, know what moves to make when one is still virtually unknown.

The only true disappointment is that the mood never changes.  We are left with sometimes mild joy and sometimes mild sadness, but the only track that is truly effective here is “Smoking Gun”.  However, it’s not the fault of Daley’s singing, or his lyrics, but the fault lies in the production of each track.  While a more proffesional job here would be extremely moving if not tear-jerking at spots, most of the tracks here fall a little flat (and not musically…get it?).  I sincerely hope that Daley will rise to at least relative success in order to get some really decent producers behind him.

Otherwise, “Those Who Wait” is a good first attempt at being a solo artist and a promising glint in the horizon for Daley.

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