Music Review – “Wonderland” by Steve Aoki

Music Review – “Wonderland” by Steve Aoki
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

 Steve Aoki is not new to the music scene.  He has had tons of singles for years now.  Whether you have heard it or not is a different story.  But if there was ever a time to listen, now is it.  On January 10th, 2012, Steve Aoki released his first full-fledged album titled Wonderland.

I first started hearing of Steve Aoki around 2010 when he started releasing a few more singles.  My favorite song I had heard than was “I’m in the House.”  Since then it has become a go to track for parties.  It is almost a sure shot song to get people going.  Having this single on the Jersey Shore Soundtrack may have helped propel his popularity (as Jersey Shore and other MTV programs has helped increase awareness of many artist in little to no time at all).

Wonderland continues with similar electronica/dance feels with 16 tracks (some of which we have heard and had at our disposal for quite some time).  Songs like Turbulence, No Beef, Earthquakey People, and Ladi Dadi  were released over the span of last year as singles.  In terms of new songs, Livin’ My Love featuring LMFAO and NERVO is the song with the most hype.  LMFAO is clearly extremely high in popularity so LMFAO fans will definitely listen and appreciate this song.  Cudi the Kid featuring Kid Cudi and Travis Barker is also another solid track.  Wonderland itself is a solid collaboration album that has brought together solid artist.  Albums like these are always amazing when the “sound,” “feeling,” or “vibe” of the collabo artists as well as the album artist.

Overall, Wonderland is a great album, however, it has that mainstream feel to it.  Everyone, however, should give it a chance though as it is pretty much the first good album of 2012.  Too soon to say if it is great or the greatest of 2012, but we shall see.


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