Album Review “Unlock Your Mind” The Soul Rebels

Unlock your mind is not only a catchy saying it is also the title for brass band The Soul Rebels. The band hails from New Orleans and sounds is evident and amazing. From track one to thirteen this album is Mardi Gras and hip hop on disc. The first track entitled 504 states where the band got its roots and its influence. The Rebels have been together since the mid 1980’s but they sound contemporary without forcing it. The band is able to blend jazz, pop, hip hop,funk, R&B and even a portion of blues into this album.

Among the standout tracks include two cover songs that have a distinct New Orleans flavor to them. Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics and Living for the City by Stevie Wonder have been transformed into something with a hint of Cajun. This eight piece band came together once again and rocked this album with energy like a live performance. The skip button is not needed for this album. With so many styles on this album it is hard to not listen to it. This band is doing what Gary Clark Jr, a blues guitar player and singer, is doing. That is bringing back and reviving an old southern style of music and combining it with new facets of music. Jazz and blues have gone by the way side in popular culture and it is important that people not only make this kinds of music, but to also make it great and add a new chapter to this music history. Producer Scott Billington worked with the band on this album extensively. Billington has been producing Zydeco music, Mardi Gras style music, since 1970 and has written, produced and played harmonica on numerous songs over those years.

The album is available online at Amazon, iTunes and most music stores. This album is a must have, so any way to legally obtain is worth the work. So put this album on the must have list of 2012.

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