The Beladeans Review

I reticently got to listen to The Beladeans self titled Album. This band has, in my opinion, quite an interesting genre. The genre’s that most closely define the music The Beladeans play consist of a combination of Soul and Garage Rock. Coming from a city just outside of Vancouver, Canada, this band has quite an interesting sound compared to what I listen to on average. They incorporate saxophone as well as trumpet into their music as well as drums and guitar. This creates a very cool sock hoppy kind of sound. Their songs tend to have a kind of repetitive feel to them from my point of view. At the same time the type of sound they have kind of helps them pull it off. One of their songs seems to stand out to me as fairly different compared to the others and that is “Mysteries of the East” this is because it has a very heavy snake charmer feel to it. When it first came on I was a little confused about the change between the song’s sound compared to others. It’s hard for me to decide wither or not I like this band because I don’t normally listen to this kind of music and after listening to the CD there weren’t many songs that jumped out at me and seemed to make me want to listen to more of their music. I don’t really like the style but I encourage any person who likes and or is into Garage rock or Soul to give The Beladeans a chance! Just because I don’t find them appealing doesn’t mean there bad. If you’re interested in hearing any of their songs they are on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. If you want a good track to get an idea of what they sound like I would suggest “Pay For My Sins” or “Revolution In My Mind”

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