Top 10 Valentines Day Movies

Ok, so it’s February 14. Valentines Day night. You are cuddled up by the fire with your significant other after a nice dinner and an exchanging of cheesy cards and yummy chocolate. So what’s on TV? Well, you can try to watch something on Hallmark or Lifetime OR you can turn to one of the classic love story movies perfect for Valentines Day. Here are the top 10 Valentines Day movies. In all there is love, attraction, a spark, and two people that have to struggle through and overcome events to be together.

10. Sweet Home Alabama: No matter how hard she tries to deny that they’re obviously meant to be together, she can’t escape her fate with the man she chose when she was merely 8 years old. Good bye McDreamy, hello Alabama hunk.

 9. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: She’s writing an article on how to get rid of a guy; He’s in a bet that involves getting a woman to fall in love with him. Yet, they start to stumble upon something special, something that in the end neither of them can deny.

8. Dirty Dancing: Despite monetary differences, her family’s dismay of him, and the resorts firing of him, they still manage to have the last dance, because as everyone knows, nobody puts Baby in a corner.

7. The Ugly Truth: His helping her try to get a guy by adhering to his rules and changing everything about herself leads to her getting 2 guys: the one she tricks into thinking she is something else, and the one helping her. The perfectionist and the player, who would’ve figured?

 6. Overboard: She’s a rich snob who hired him, a dirty carpenter, to construct her a new closet on her boat. After her dismay, screaming at him, and not paying him for his work, karma bites her by giving her amnesia and landing her in a hospital in the town he lives in. He  decides to take her home and get his revenge. During the adventure she learns how the other half live and learns to love and respect not just herself, but life and others as well. Oh, and they fall in love.

5. Say Anything: The valedictorian and the guy who has no plans for his future make the perfect pair. His street smarts and romanticism are enough to win over the smartest and prettiest girl in the school. Despite her many obligations, her father, and an upcoming move across the world, he is able to win her over and capture her heart. This inspiring love story is perfect for those who want a romantic guy who is willing to give everything to the girl that he loves.

 4. Pretty Woman: A lovely story about a handsome, rich man and a beautiful, vibrant…. hooker. Yeah, that’s right! He takes her in for the night because she gets him home in his car he can’t drive (a girl that can drive stick!). She stays the night and her beautiful personality has him paying her to stay the week with him. She poses as his niece and his significant other to fool others, but in the end she lands the role as more than his lover, but his love.

3. While You Were Sleeping: She is in love with him, but he doesn’t even know she exists. Then one day he falls on the train tracks where she works and she saves his life. How should he repay her? Well, he goes into a coma. In order for the hospital to let her see him she poses as his fiancé. What could go wrong? Well, his family shows up and she has to keep up the charade. His nice family takes her home and treats her like a daughter, something they are assuming she will be of theirs soon. Then she meets his brother! His brother and her form a relationship that in the end has her leaving coma-man, who eventually comes out of the coma don’t worry, for his brother. What a story for the grandkids!

 2. When Harry Met Sally: She’s a good girl, control freak and he is an intelligent, yet cynical, guy. At first she can’t stand him!!!! Eventually they get to the point where they see each other enough that they become friends. They tell each other everything, they set each other up with dates, and sometimes they would rather hang out with nobody but the other. After an ex of her gets married, throwing her into a depression , he is there for her, in more than one way. We finally see that there is at least a small amount of feelings and chemistry there. In the end, after fighting being right for each other, they do end up together.

1. Titanic: You knew it was coming. A rich, engaged, tortured young woman goes aboard the big ship and meets a poor, free-spirited young man who saves her from committing suicide from her depressing life. He shows her how to live and how to love life. He gives her the gift of love. Then the big disaster happens when an iceberg hits the ship and travesty ensues. Not having enough boats, they are forced to cling to life in the middle of the ocean. His last speech to her of she must go on and have babies and live life is so emotional and almost brings a tear to my eye. Unfortunately, he does not go on to enjoy life with her, but she goes on to live her life the way she wants, and not captive of her mother or fiancé, whom she drops from her life. An emotional experience and a love for Leo are usual outcomes of watching this movie.

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  1. Here’s my list:
    It’s a bit different than yours. Say Anything is the only movie on both lists.
    Enjoyed the post!

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