Music Review – Bleeding Horse Express

Bleeding Horse Express is a band from Canada that plays “Southern Rock”. They have quite a cool selection of instruments ranging from guitars and banjos to trumpet and trombone. They tend to play blues driven rock all at a moderate to slow tempo. Though these songs are fairly unappealing to me some of their more up tempos songs are quite cool! I enjoyed playing them in both my car and at home. Some of the guitar solos are really impressive as well, and have a very classic old school feel to them. Not only the solos but the whole band tends to have that kind of feel. I very much would suggest this album to anyone who likes kind of older school rock and or southern rock! The faster songs definitely seem to have a good energy level to have fun listening or dancing to! I can also understand why someone would be interested in some of there more mellow songs. Even though there not for me, some of their songs, such as “The Last Thing You See”, are very calming to listen to. I had a lot of fun getting to know this album and encourage you to do the same, seeing as how the band can appeal to both the hyper crowd and the mellow crowd im sure you will like some of them!

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