AL West Preview

The AL West is going to be a close race this year with the addition of Albert Pujols to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the Texas Rangers. Texas, as you all know has gone to the World Series the past 2 years. With help from Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton, who just had a relapse from his drug and alcohol addiction. Last week, he “went to dinner and had a few drinks.” He then realized what he had done and called Ian Kinsler, but didn’t tell him that he had been drinking. They then went and hung out and talked at a nearby “place across the street from the restraunt and talked baseball and family.” Kinsler then drove Hamilton back to his place and asked if he was going out anymore tonight. Hamilton said no and a few minutes later, he was back at the place to buy a few drinks. He apologized in his press conference for “hurting those that have looked up to me.” ESPN analyst Richard Durrett spoke about how this will affect his free agency for the 2013 season. With the fact that he has only played one full season, and is still struggling with the drug and alcohol addiction, he is saying that it is going to take a huge affect whether or not he plays next year. But that’s next year. This is this year. If Hamilton can stay healthy for the entire year and He and kinsler, along with the rest of the Ranger lineup can do what they are known to do, they should have no problem, whether or not Hamilton stays healthy.

Now with the addition of Albert Pujols, The LA Angels will have more of a chance to stay in First for more of the year and give Texas a run for their money. With Pujols in there hitting in the 4 spot, that leaves no excuse why the Angels cant score more runs. With Abreu, Hunter and Kendrick hitting in the lineup with Pujols, as well as the quick guys in the top of the order, that is just run scoring central. Oakland and Seattle in my opinion are going to be battling for third place and its going to be a close one. With the loss of Cahill, Gio and Bailey, the pitching staff isn’t going to be as strong. The hitting lineup is going to stay the same really with Matsui hitting 4th and DH-ing. He is really their only big power hitter and is why he is hitting 4th. However, the A’s have a few guys who can hit lead off and have plenty of speed. Coco Crisp and Jemile Weeks, should be another 1-2 combo like last year. Other than the pitching staff, there really are no real changes to their roster and lineup. Seattle is just Seattle. Not really that strong and, like I said above, fighting for third place.



  1. sjchevalier07 says:

    I think Oakland will be finishing dead last after the fire sale they had in the offseason. They have obviously stopped caring about putting a competitive team together and have way too many bad excuses for not doing so. Look for the RiverCats to continue to beat them in attendance yet again this season.

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