Music Review: Hyper Crush “Night Wave”

Music Review: Hyper Crush “Night Wave”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

So as predicted, Hyper Crush’s newest album “Night Wave” came out this past week on February 7th, 2012.  I covered three songs that I had heard a month ago: Werk Me, Fingers Up, and Flip the Switch.  Now I was going to leave it all at my preview I wrote earlier, but I felt moved enough to write a review (now that I got my ears around the rest of the album).

In “Night Wave,” Hyper Crush shows off their diversity in songs with the varying speed, beats, lyrics, etc.  “Werk Me” and “Flip the Switch” can be considered the hyper, hard hitting beat and lyrics.  “Fingers Up” slowed it down a bit.  “Chrome Pipes” is a bit slower than one might expect but it is a nice transition in the entire album.

Still, for some reason, after having heard the songs I talked about in January, I had expected an album sort of consistent to that.  Music, on the aggregate, has been lacking in energy, and Hyper Crush had a solid opportunity to bring it.  Maybe 60-70% of the album did bring it, but not the whole deal.  If you were to pop this album in your car as you drove around town this would be a great CD.  But if you are looking to throw things on shuffle, you may not want all of these songs shufflin’ about in there.  I still stand by Werk Me, Fingers Up, and Flip the Switch.  Chrome Pipe, Cheap Thrills, and Maniac are not my favorites of the album, but they aren’t necessarily bad.  Bad Boyz, What Goes Up, Chead, and The Foundation are great adds though.

The album is still worth buying.  They have good songs, and it is worth investing your money to the artists that brings you music you dig.  Throwing your money their way will keep them bringing the music.  “Night Wave” is solid, but maybe I raised hype about it to myself and expected near perfection.  I am not sure.  On iTunes the CD is $7.99 which is a lot better than many other albums out there for $9.99 or higher with even less solid music.   And as I said in the preview, this is still solid for pre-gaming, at the party, and the after party.


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