Music Review- Chiddy Bang “Breakfast”

Chiddy Bang is back with a splash with their new album “Breakfast.”  And I personally could not be more excited because I have been a huge fan of these boys from Philly for quite some time.  One of my favorite aspects of their music is all the sampling they do from such varied artists.  Though they are a hip-hop duo, they aren’t afraid to take risks and sample other artists from all over the music spectrum.
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Now this new album is a great blend of both “The Swelly Express” and “Peanut Butter and Swelly.”  Although, I may dare to say even a little bit better.  Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege is back with his impeccable raps and Noah “Xaphoone Jones” Beresin is mixing some sweet beats.  They combine electronica, hip hop, alternative, and jazz influences in this album and all of it sounds amazing.

“Ray Charles” is a song that starts out with a sassy singer with a lovely and pays homage to the great man himself in an amusing way, in true Chiddy Bang fashion.  Put on your sunglasses for this one to really get in the spirit.

“Does She Love Me?” shows a softer side that is often not seen from these boys.  Chiddy tells how lonely the road can be, which I have to admit is refreshing.  Although the subject is a little played out, these boys are able to put a fresh twist on it.

“Baby Roulette” is an upbeat song to check out featuring Train themselves.  Remember when Aerosmith and Run DMC collaborated for “Walk this Way”?  I feel this is a similar, mind-blowing collaboration.  The song is very understated, but, oh, so fantastic.

One of my favorite things about Chiddy’s rhymes is he constantly makes clever references and keeps it real.  This duo is definitely one you could hang out with.  They also constantly mix all kinds of different sounds together and no one song ever sounds alike.  These two boys have great thing going and I really hope they keep going for years to come.  Dig in to this album at the start of your day with a spoon and glass of orange juice.

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  1. I’m definitely gonna check it out! Loved “Opposite of adults”, probably will like some their tracks on this album too.

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