Chickenfoot iii

If supergroups are your to your liking than Chickenfoot’s new album Chickenfoot iii is for you! Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony formerly of Van Halen, teamed up Joe Satriani and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Pepers to formed the Band Chickenfoot back in 2009 and have recently released a second album entilted “Chickenfoot iii”. Yes even though this is the band’s second album it is called “iii”. This sequel follows the same formula as the first album, no two songs sound a like and its a departure from the first album. The album the features the range of hard rock to blues rock on the album. Sammy Hagar vocals are strong as ever and shows the great songwriting skills that helped his former bands reach great sucess, Montrose and Van Halen. Joe Satriani shows off his usual ear blasting guitar play and ease to change from song to song. When Michael Anthony was replaced in Van Halen by Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen’s son, he has nothing but time and great bass play to devote to Chickenfoot.

This album has an eclectic collection of songs. The album is equal parts stadium rock, old Van Halen, texas blues with a large helping of AWESOME. To put it simply the album is what you get when you combine four great musicians with no egos, Greatness.  My personal favorite track from the album is the hard rocking “Big Foot”. “Something Gone Wrong” is soulful and toned down song on the album that adds another dimension on the album. Hagar and Satriani wrote that track along with the rest of album. Chad Smith was a writing contributor on a few selections as well and was able to complete the album before the Chili Peppers tour . In many ways the Chickenfoot’s first album is much like their second, its unique and different from other hard rock albums that have come out around the same time. The songs on this album are uniquely different from one another, the only concept about this album is that it rocks.

As expected the album is available at your favorite record store as well as on iTunes. This album is worth the purchase and is even worth buying for a friend. Sammy Hagar being on the album alone is the selling point. Van Halen may be delaying a new album, but Sammy and Michael Anthony are doing their own thing and doing something major with a new and fresh band of great talent. This album is great for people that enjoy an explosion of different sound, and if the music isn’t there is another bonus 3-D glasses! Another plus about the album is that it comes with a 3-D cover and booklet to play with your eyes, while the music blows your mind. So enjoy the music and the visuals.

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Be easy and have a good

Justin aka DJ Tre

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