The Kabash Lounge

With a great location of mid-town Sacramento the Kabash Lounge is a little touch of the Middle East with a great atmosphere. While experiencing this restaurant for the first time, I can say I was highly impressed. The authentic tones and colors of the lounge were remarkable.  The lounge was setup in a very comfortable and traditional way. There were lots of pillows surrounding the mini golden tables. The dim lighting made for a very romantic and intimate setting. I enjoyed the variety of new food to discover in the menu selection.   I tried the lamb which was exceptionally good tasting; it was a dish that was partnered with garlic spinach and sweet potatoes. I had this dish along with some extremely hot wings. Even though the wings where particularly hot it’s outstandingly good. I also had the opportunity to dine in during happy hour. So I tried the Caipirinha drink, which was a great drink. It had muddled fresh lemon and lime, there was a sugary taste to it and it was a kind of strong that crept up on you. The best part was the belly dancing. They have it there every night! Check them out there’s great food and drinks with something new to try each time you arrive. What a great place tucked into little midtown.


By: Bee Tina

Visit me wed nights from 9-10pm (just press listen button)


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