Interview with Tyrell Winding

The interview With Tyrell Winding aka P.A.P.E was as informative as it was entertaining. He was very excited to be a part of the show and enthusiastic about speaking his mind. He explained how he was originally from Mississippi and how the “bright lights and opportunities” inspired him to come to California to further pursue his music career. P.A.P.E also went on to explain how he feels it is very important for him to have his own style and not to mimic or copy other artist. He truly believes in being unique. He gives us the imagery through his “nerdy boy look”. He says he rocks the “skinny jeans”; the ray bans with “no lenses” and keeps the look fresh and clean. While interviewing the listeners was able to listen to the great songs made by P.A.P.E. “we will rock you”, and “authentic” made by the talented artist.  The song “authentic” was especially special to me, as it reminded me of my favorite game Sonic. The artist also goes on to say he was privileged to have this beat because it was originally supposed to go to a more infamous artist. The energy from the artist P.A.P.E. continues to flow through the interview and concludes with a special freestyle from the artist as well as a full contact listing. Please check out the artist P.A.P.E. he will be sure to impress and surprise you.

Brought to you by Bee Tina

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