Monster Jam

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to go see Monster Jam in Reno, Nevada at the Livestock Event Center. Since I hadn’t seen the Monster Jam event since I was a little kid, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very excited.

We arrived at the arena about thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the show, and the seats were already filling up in the small arena. Right at 7:30, the lights went down, and the crowd was asked to stand for a rendition of the National Anthem. Shortly afterwards, the monster trucks were brought out. The famous Gravedigger sadly wasn’t there, but Son Uva Gravedigger was.

Fallen truck

After taking a sharp turn, one of the trucks fell on its side.

The sweetish smell of the high-performance fuel and wet dirt filled the arena as the trucks dominated the tracks. At one point, one of the trucks tipped over and had to be pulled up-right by a tractor. After a few minutes, the trucks went backstage and several dirt bikes came into the arena, as well as a tall, black ramp. The bikers took turns doing stunts off the ramp, and for the grand finale, a few of the more adventurous bikers did back flips, no small feat given the event center’s ceiling was so low. After the dirt bikes left, modified jeep buggies came out and did a few laps around the arena as well, and went over the jumps and hills on the arena floor. The monster trucks again came out, and a few of the trucks even climbed up the tallest hill, which until then only the bikers had done. One of my favorite trucks was King Krunch, a blue and white truck that easily climbed all the hills. My other favorite was Maximum Destruction, an orange truck with the body of a car that looked like a mix between a DeLorean and a Porsche, which was the first big truck to take on the biggest hill, and also won the Monster Jam that night. Sadly, none of the trucks smashed any cars, but this was probably because of the small size of the arena.

All in all, Monster Jam is something I’d definitely see again, but I would like to see it in a bigger venue if given the option, though seeing it in Reno was fun,and because there were so many families in the stands, I felt like we were doing something the locals like to do.

Monster Jam event

A truck comes onto the arena at the Monster Jam event at the Livestock Event Center in Reno

I enjoyed watching the trucks and the dirt bikes, and only wish that the monster trucks has crushed some cars, like I remember them doing when I was a kid. Because, what’s the point of having giant tires if you’re not going to crush things?

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