My Own Opinion on Gossiping

I believe that gossiping has its ups and downs.

On the positive: when gossiping people tend to analyze a situation that might need to be addressed. It gets other peoples opinion involved and potentially can resolve an issue for the better.

On the negative: When gossiping people tend to make up parts to make it more interesting. Leave out parts to make their side more convincing and sometimes invite people opinions that are not in the best interest for you.

Gossiping can sometimes lead to confrontation.

On the positive side: It can get two parties or more talking to one another or resolving an issue that needed to be resolved with consideration to the other persons side.

On the negative side: It can lead to bullying or negative reinforcement. The other party might have heard outside rumors or input that’s incorrect leading to false conclusions. People could egg on the outcome they wish to see.

Gossiping can cause confusion:

When gossiping please don’t. People will get confused. Feelings will be hurt, confrontation will be made, and friendships can and will be broken. Do not gossip unless you are completely aware of what you are saying. Be aware of others feelings and emotions on the subject because it can potentially lead in turmoil and bad karma.

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