Foreigner: Acoustique, Classic Rock Unplugged

This past weekend, Foreigner played at the Silver Legacy in Reno as part of their “Feels Like the First Time” tour. Though I wasn’t able to go to the concert, my best friend’s clients did, and even got to meet the band backstage. They got their autographs and the new acoustic cd, but apparently weren’t very interested in keeping either, which is how I found myself the proud new owner of a cd of an awesome classic rock band.

I excitedly peeled the thin, red line of the cd cellophane wrap, something I haven’t done since the last time I bought a cd many years ago. I popped it in my cd player in my car, and began the 35 minute drive home from my friend’s house.

Foreigner’s Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged is an excellent cd, and Kelly Hansen’s voice still sounds great. “Long, Long Way from Home” began the cd, and was followed by “Cold As Ice,” which never ceases to remind me of the old “Weakest Link” ads on NBC from the early aughts. All of the songs translated well acoustically, and the saxophone sounded great with the rest of the string instruments, including a stand-up bass played by Foreigner bassist and acoustic guitarist Jeff Pilson.  The acoustic version of “Dirty White Boy” was really good, and never has anyone been so passionate about being both dirty and white as lead singer Kelly Hansen is on this track. “Double Vision” and “Juke Box Hero” were also excellent tracks, both as great acoustic as they are electric. “Waiting For A Girl Like You,” an already slow track, was almost unbearably slow when played acoustically, and compared to most of the faster-tempo songs on the cd, seemed out of place, though it is one of their hits. “That’s All Right,” a bonus track, had a blues-y, old rock and roll sound to it, with a fast tempo and a fun beat.


Foreigner Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged

Foreigner does a great job making their greatest hits acoustic, and I would recommend this cd for any classic rock or 80s-rock fans out there. Also, to hear awesome rock and roll like Foreigner, be sure to tune in to my radio show, Technical Difficulties, every Thursday at      3 pm only on!


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