Freddie Gibbs- A Cold Day In Hell (Review)

In the old days, mix tapes were nothing but rappers rhyming over used beats and old verses mixed over other rappers beats. The mix tape showcased the DJ more than the artist himself. If you were lucky you got two new songs and some freestyles, and even then the performances were normally lackluster. That was the old days; this is now. Artists no longer sign to major labels and go the independent route with mix tapes and EP’s. This gives the artist full control, and by doing so fans get mix tapes (really an album) like this.

If you consider yourself a Hip-hop or a Rap fan and have never listened to Freddie Gibbs then you should not consider yourself a fan at all. That’s right, I said it. Freddie Gibbs is that good, but he may not be for everyone. He is not an MC’s MC. He does not make “conscious” rap like Common fans are used too. But I promise you, his music is ten times more conscious then anything Common has made in the past 10 years. He is violent, wrong, and at times disgusting. But that’s what you get when you make songs like “Neighborhood Hoez,” “Rob Me a Nigga,” and “Pussy So Amazin (Part 2).” Just label it “Brilliant Ignorance.”

This album showcases all of Freddie Gibbs talents, showing he is more than just your average rapper talking about guns and hoes. The first song (Barely M.A.D.E.) is clear proof of this, as he discusses the realities and regrets of living in the ghetto. He understands his surroundings and clearly displays this knowledge with lines like, “Baptized in a lake of fire, so this how hell feels.” The next song “Rob Me a Nigga” showcases his way of living and his lack of regard for others, but his lyrics scream reality and a clear thought process:

In the basement, muthafuckas still think basic
Thinkin’ I’mma show up and erase ’em
, but I ain’t gonna chase ’em
I’mma be up in his crib waiting
“Bitch where the cash? I can taste it”
Put em on their faces: what you know about kidnapping
And holding a nigga’s whole family for ransom?
When your stomach empty it’s easy to understand it

Freddie Gibbs is the hardest thing out since MC Ren, except far more talented. One thing is for sure, Freddie Gibbs tells life as he sees it and does not give a fuck about what you think about it. Freddie Gibbs is the gospel and this album is a clear sermon.

*New Music Rank- 9.5/10

*Old Music Rank- 7.7/10

*Radio Music- 10/10

Three ranking systems- “New Music” compares this mix tape or album to good music coming out now. “Old Music” ranks the mix tape or album in comparison with some of the better albums and MCs of the past and present. “Radio Music” is ranking it in comparison what is played on the radio.


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