Leprachauns: Spawn of Satan (A Scary St. Patty’s Day Story)

Living on-site at a storage facility is much different than living in a house or apartment complex. Our apartment connects to the storage facility by a long, dark, cold hallway by a door in our laundry area. Every night, I have to walk past this doorway to get to my bedroom. When my husband Philip and I go to bed at the same time, I don’t notice it. But when he goes to sleep before me, and the house is dark and quiet, a quiet terror grips me as I quickly patter down the hallway to my bedroom and the doorway to the storage facility feel ominous. A small peephole is in the door, and sometimes I imagine looking through it at night, only to see something or someone in the hallway on the other side.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

One night last year, around the this time of year, actually- the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day- weird things began to happen. At first, we didn’t notice anything strange, because customers are in and out of the facility all day long and sometimes people do weird things, like pee in hallways. Yeah, people are awesome. Anyway, at first, it was just things like my garden decorations going missing and then re-appearing broken, a small pile of leaves being left in front of my husband’s office door, a pair of shoes on top of our car one morning. We figured it was either a disgruntled storage unit customer, or a drunk person walking home from the bar around the corner. But things were starting to get weirder. We awoke one morning with the bedroom windows open, when we didn’t remember opening them the night before. One night at 3 am, our bedroom lights began wildly turning on and off, waking us up, then stopped just as quickly as it began. That morning, the bathroom mirror was shattered, and in the living room, all of the furniture was stacked into a big pile, with the coffee table was impossibly balanced on the top of it all, threatening to fall at a moment’s notice.

The night beforeSt. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t want to stay home. Philip had to work the next day though, so we had to stay. We were both on edge at this point from the events of the previous days and nights, and we were constantly snapping at each other from a lack of sleep. Thankfully I had school, and was able to get away for a few hours, but I dreaded coming home. I just had this feeling something awful was going to happen.

When I got home, Philip was in his office. I went inside to see how he was doing, and he seemed stressed- it was a busy day at work, he had said, but he was almost about to close and would be inside soon. As soon as I walked though the front door, I felt like someone was watching me. I also noticed that it was absolutely freezing inside, even though it had been a sunny day out. I checked the windows to see if they were inexplicably open again, but they were closed. I walked down the hall towards the bedroom, and found the source of the cold: the door to connecting our apartment to the facility was wide open, and a draft was coming in from the dark hallway. I closed the door, frightened it had become open, because we always keep it locked. After Philip got in from his office, things began to get weirder.Philip was just as shocked as I was to learn to the door in the laundry area was open when I came home, but he had some news for me, too.

While I was gone at school, apparently the power had been going on and off all day, despite perfect weather. In his office is a tv screen showing a feed of the security cameras, and Philip said that he’d seen people walking around the facility who never came through the front gate, and when he went back to see who they were, there was no one there. As he was telling me all the strange things that happened to him that day, the door to the facility hallway slammed open. We slowly approached the door to see who had opened it, but no one was there. Suddenly, the cupboards in the kitchen began opening and slamming shut. Philip locked the door to the hallway again, as I ran to the kitchen. When I came around the corner from the hall, the cupboards stopped slamming. Philip came up behind me, and the house was eerily quiet. It was then we began to hear a loud, maniacal laughter echoing throughout the house. It sounded like it was coming from all sides with no determinable source. It grew louder and louder, until we had to cover our ears to block out the sound. We went outside to escape it, which seemed to work. When we went to go back inside, the door was somehow locked. Beyond frustrated at this point, we pounded on the door and shook the handle with no luck.

Finally, we got inside, though we would later regret going back in. There, standing on the table, were three leprechauns, dressed in dark robes with long beards and glowing red eyes that hurt to look at. Their noses were long and gnarled, and their nails were thick and black. The biggest of the three had a large stick in its hand, which I figured was its shillelagh (shee-lay-lee), the mythical staff of leprechauns used for fighting. He pointed it right at us, and all three leprechauns began chanting in a strange language. As they chanted, their voices got louder, and they climbed off the dining table and walked towards us. We tried to move, but we were frozen in our tracks, our feet refusing to budge from their places on the floor. The power abruptly went out, and the only light source was the glowing red eyes of the leprechauns. They inched closer and closer, so close, I could almost reach out and touch the scary-looking leprechaun stick. Then, the lights came back on, and they were gone.

We haven’t seen the leprechauns since then, and we don’t really know why they came, but sometimes at night, you can hear footsteps in the hallways of the facility. I try not to think to much about them, and I never go to bed after Philip now; I just can’t walk by that doorway alone at night anymore. I was worried something might happen again this year, but so far, so good. No weird pranks, no strange electrical activity, no mystery people on Philip’s security camera. As St. Patrick’s Day nears, I’m trying not to think about those jerk leprechauns and all the hazard they caused last year. Then again, now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a few of my lawn ornaments in a few days….



  1. Leprechauns are so cute!!!!

  2. Filomena DaCosta says:

    good read…enjoyed every little bit of the story…I didnt know that they could be so evil..and anyway..thanks..loved it.

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