Review of the Nike NFL Uniforms 2012

Review of the Nike NFL Uniforms 2012
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

So I knew Nike was going to be taking over Reebok’s job in jersey production for the NFL.  I also new this would mean the release of new Nike apparel over Reebok.  You can even tell the hostilities when Reebok tried to sell New York Jets Tim Tebow jerseys and got sued.  So it was no secret.  The only secret was how were they going to look?

These are not the uniforms you are looking for.

I saw leak images over the internet for a few weeks now.  I saw them and I was immediately concerned.  The entire league looking like Oregon and Maryland with bold uniforms?  Too much for 17 weeks plus pre- and post-season.  As cool as it would be to see the New England Patriots running around like a team of Captain America’s, there is a limit.  There is bold, and then there is too bold.  That doesn’t this can’t be sold or used for a one week ordeal, but I can’t see many of these leaked uniforms as the regular every day thing.

And then today came.  The moment when many NFL fans geeked out as if we were Apple fans awaiting the next iGadget.  And I must say I am pleased.  Of all the 32 teams, only one chose to change their look – the Seattle Seahawks.  I first saw an image of a picture of the uniform on the huge display on stage, and I was not excited.  But seeing someone wear it, and not seeing some spruced up, Photoshopped image is much better. Twitter looked like this:

“Look out for the Seahawks uniforms, their uniforms were the overwhelming favorite amongst the players. They will be the Oregon of the NFL.” -George Wilson

@Seahawks has the best looking Jerseys. THEY ARE SICK!” -@JermichaelF88

So yes, Seattle will be the new Oregon.  It is befitting with a college coach (Pete Carroll).  Still, the uniforms aren’t bad.  Not as obnoxious as Oregon’s at least.  Now if their alternates has the bright green as the main color, than we are talking Oregon-esque obnoxious.

The rest of the 31 teams kept very similar styled uniforms as before.  Some teams (the Buffalo Bills) already updated their look recently and it is too soon to change again (in my opinion).  Some teams could use a change, but they opted out.  In the end, the uniforms are really similar to the old uniforms.  They almost look identical.  But they are not.  And that is the problem “the common fan” does not see.  All over Facebook fans are saying “they look the same” or “I don’t see a difference.”  But the material of the jersey, the styling, the collar, and more are all different.  To us non-NFL players, it will seem the same.  But with new dri fit material and flywire collar, it isn’t the same to the NFL players.  The difference is in the detail (just like the tale is in the tape).

So relax everyone.  Unless you are a Seahawks fan, your team has very similar uniforms.  If you liked how the uniforms were before, than you should like them now.  If you didn’t like them before, you may not like them now. Please contact your sports team and ask them why they didn’t, and should have, went for a new look like the Seahawks. I personally am glad things did not take a turn for the worse based on the “leaked” images before.  Then again, some teams may need an Oregon or Maryland-esque uniform to start a new era and kick things off anew (than again that may not help.  Buffalo Bills, for example.).

If you want to get your hands on a new Nike jersey, head over to to sign up to be alerted when you can pre-order. Pre-orders start tomorrow.

All 32 Teams with their updated threads.

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