Alcohol & Drugs and how they can lead to destruction without better understanding

Drugs are the little things in life that make pleasure and happiness enjoyable with the ultimate sacrifice. Drugs can leave you dependent, not only on the drug but make you want it to survive. Drugs can eat at you physically, mentally and emotionally. Drugs can change your health stage and natural glamor. Alcohol on the other hand can always be considered a drug too but with different consequences attached to them, but after gaining knowledge, I believe people are better sought out to think of their choices in life and better persuade their actions.

Drugs come in many forms: liquids, solids, compounds, tablets, IV’s, prescriptions, over the counter, and more. Different drugs can be helpful towards many different things and are very safe in moderation. The problem with drugs today is when they get out of peoples self-control, and when people’s lives start to get damaged by them. Dependence on drugs or alcohol can also affect a person emotionally, when your drug of choice is on your mind all day, that you can’t get your mind off of it. It is when you are feigning for it, and you hear it calling your name. It affects you when you just get some, take it, and is already deciding in your mind on how you are going to get more. Drugs affect you emotionally when you start to put everything on the line to support your habit, like losing your job, stealing from family members and friends, becoming socially disconnected, and physically dependent.

In many cases drugs affect you physically.Ecstasy, for example, affects your neurotransmitters and ultimately unbalances your mind and body. This drug causes you to lose weight, spinal fluid, natural fluids, kills brain cells, and can ultimately lead to death if one overdoses. There is also cocaine, for example, which leads to high endorphin rushes, which causes immediate dependency because the drug builds a tolerance that you are steadily competing with. These types of drugs slow your heart rate, and in large doses lead to muscle twitching, convulsions, irregular heart beats, and dramatic weight loss. If the user is pregnant it will make babies suffer a small head, reduced birth weight and other fetal disfigurements. These types of drugs also deliver later physical effects, like unknown cancers of the body, liver or kidney disease, blood poisoning, hepatitis, and much more.

Then there is alcohol, which in moderation can enhance celebrations and special times, but is the most widely used and abused recreational drug in our society. It is said that alcohol kills more people under 21 than cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. It is also said that one night of heavy drinking can impair your ability to think abstractly for up to 30 days. Alcohol affects your behavior as well; at first it makes you feel relaxed and in a good mood, then relaxation increases and so does the willingness to talk and some motor impairment. As the drinking continues you start to feel euphoric and have more impairment which leads to the depressant side. Drowsiness sets in, motor skills further go to hell, and loss of judgment happens. This is what leads in car accidents where drivers are drunk, resulting in DUI’s, and a tolerance to alcohol.

In women, alcohol can also lead to unwanted sex due to impaired judgements. There are many effects that alcoholism has on the body as well, such as alcohol poisoning which comes from heavy drinking, decrease in central nervous system movements and functions, dehydration, indigestion and heartburn, cancers of the throat and stomach, and hangovers. It also causes cirrhosis, which is the last stage of liver disease, Teratogens, that causes fatal malfunctions, and different fetal disorders.

With all that said, drugs and alcohol are the little things in life that make pleasure and happiness enjoyable with the ultimate sacrifice. Drugs can leave you dependent on them and dependent to give up on them to live a healthy life. Alcohol and drugs can leave you physically and emotionally scarred, can change your health state, and do you harm. After taking a health class I gained better knowledge of drugs and how they can affect you. With better knowledge I am now more likely to make educated decisions about them when approached because I now know the consequences of taking them, and so do others once they have knowledge of them.


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