Are girls maturing and going through puberty too young these days?

In Sacramento girls are beginning to go through puberty at early ages which are causing health risks, possible breast cancer, and emotional problems before reaching adulthood. Girls are developing pubic hair, menstruating, and developing breast at the record age of 8 instead of the common 13 years or older, and early puberty is especially prevalent in African Americans.

Researchers suggest that developing breasts earlier leads to breast cancer, and by pushing the time back on menstruation can reduce the risks substantially. Researcher Karangaugh – Lynch suggests that breast cancer cells thrive on estrogen and girls who menstruate early are more exposed.

Many experiments are being administered to monitor the puberty trend, such as the California Breast Cancer Research program, which uses tobacco taxes to fund research, or the California Environmental Contaminant Biomonitoring program, which is going to monitor the amount of chemical exposures in blood and urine for over 2,000 Californians.

Biologist Sandra Steingraber suggests that the shift is evolutionary and could be due to the control of infectious diseases and improved nutrition which allows girls to reproduce. She added that obese girls usually go through puberty quicker than smaller girls because they have higher levels of leptn and hormones in their bloodstream.

In conclusion I believe that girls are going through puberty at record ages due to the era that we are in. Basically, sex sells and that is what is being taught out there to our younger generations and with all of the explicit lyrics, shows, and attitudes that there are being publicly seen today are causing the hormones of our younger generation to explode, which is causing these phenomenal effects in hormone changes and chemical imbalances.



  1. What BS–they’re saying it’s “evolutionary” when they know it’s caused by increased exposure to toxic chemicals in the food and water supplies. Obese girls start even earlier because they ingest more of these toxins plus these toxins stay in the body because they are stored in the fat cells. I’ve noticed the smell and taste of food changing over time–because of these added chemicals. Lot of drinks I’ve noticed now foam when stirred–when they didn’t before.

    • Bee tina says:

      I believe that as true as well. That explains why fast food chains and school systems are now having to be responsible and place better meals. This also goes for the United States obesity problem as a whole

      • Yes precocious puberty is a growing problem in both girls and boys. It’s not only a case of kids not being able to remain kids–early puberty also stunts growth and increases the chances of getting cancer.

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