Music Review: Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice

By Rehab

The rapper from Pittsburgh has had a roller coaster year. He dropped his major label debut Rolling Papers with mixed reviews, the harshest coming from his rabid fan base. He began to court socialite Amber Rose, with whom he recently got engaged to. He also was listed according to MTV as one of the hottest MC’s in the game. Wiz Khalifa, in the midst of his current tour, drops Taylor Allderdice to build buzz for his next album. Hoping to capture the fans he has lost since going “commercial”, Wiz doesn’t disappoint with this at all and will certainly be a mix tape that will be in rotation all through the spring and summer as the warmer weather approaches.

Coming off the acclaimed Kush & Orange Juice mix tape, one could say Wiz fell off. I’m not personally a big fan of the guy, but I enjoyed it enough to at least check out anything he drops. I wasn’t particularly feeling his previous music prior, and K&OJ is essentially my introduction to his music. I didn’t even think Rolling Papers was as bad as many of my peers believed. A little more on the pop side, yes, but it wasn’t terrible. Taylor Allderdice erases all doubts about him and Wiz shows that any given time can drop music that his “Taylor Gang” enthusiasts can enjoy.

Teaming up with his confidants Sledren and Cardo, Wiz glides through 17 tracks smoothly. The production certainly will grab your attention from the moment “Amber Ice” blares through the speakers. Throughout the Allderdice, there are audio snippets of what appears to be an interview in which Wiz discusses various topics concerning his life and music. This is the foundation of the entire mix tape. Life at the moment is carefree and no worries for him and all those around him. The music calls for relaxation and just vibing to it, windows down in the car. It’s feel-good music that we all like to enjoy.

Not too many features on here, although Never Been Part II will be sure to raise a few eyebrows due to a Rick Ross cameo and a (surprise, surprise) Amber Rose appearance. She has hinted that she has been in the studio creating music, but thankfully, she is only on the chorus of this song and doesn’t interfere with the flow of it. Wiz Khalifa will tell you he’s not a lyricist, but his strongest suit is his hook skills. They are catchy, and you will find yourself humming along to O.N.I.F.C. and Mary 3x. Because of his limitations at times as a rapper, his presence on tracks tends to get drowned away in the music. Juicy J appears of four tracks and clearly outshines him on every song. If you are aware of him or Three 6 Mafia, you know that Juicy isn’t renowned for rapping.

At the end of Never Been Part II, Wiz mentions that he is a pop rapper: that he’ll “pop up and make five million dollars.” He is at least honest with where he stands in the hip hop game right now. If anything else, Wiz has created a very enjoyable “pop” mix tape with Taylor Allderdice. Can’t be mad at that. It’s good music at the end of the day.


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