Due Date.. worth the wait

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t see certain movies in the theaters, Due Date was one of the movies I was mad I did not see until now. Robert Downey Jr and Zack Galifianakis were hilarious together in this laugh slap fest comedy. I missed the original run on the big screen, so instead of writing a paper I decided to watch the movie and have a laugh. For the first in a while I can say I made a mistake not spending money to see this film a lot sooner.

This movie was awesome. Even with Zack playing an antagonist role in “Dinner for Schmucks,” I was kind of turned off to the bearded Hangover star, though I liked that movie. Galifianakis was part Alan, his role from “The Hangover” and its sequel, Kumar from, “Harold and Kumar”, and a lovable dope who messes up everything. Robert Downey Jr.’s character is a straight laced guy who is trying to keep it together in a crazy situation. The film includes a attempt to make a U-Turn at the USA-Mexico boarder and a very very interesting dog that acts like a human.

Though the pair seems odd, and it does, the two make the film funny without straining to force jokes. Downey Jr has been on fire since he starting rocking the Iron Suit of armor and role for Marvel Comics. But I was unsure about how good he would be in a comedy and he delivers. Downey made you hate him, laugh with and at him. While Galifinakis was simply being himself, a little herbal for his glaucoma and a crazy back story and his character was insane at points, but overall was unpredictably funny. I couldn’t believe I was laughing as hard as I did watching it but it made for a wednesday night cap. So if you’re like me and didn’t see this flick yet…. DO IT! Its a must see and will surely be enjoyed.

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