Blake Griffin’s Clear Disinterest in Everything Not Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is not the best power forward in the NBA, that goes to Kevin Love. Second best is arguable, as Lamarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol are more complete players. Blake Griffin is young, electrifying, athletic, plays well in the pick and roll and has yet to reach his full potential. But the future is later, we live in the present. He lacks a postgame, a concrete mid range, has problems with double teams, shoots poorly from the free throw line and is a mediocre defender at best. This is Blake Griffins current game and there is nothing wrong with that. His game is his game and he happens to play with the best point guard in the NBA

Now let’s talk about Blake Griffin’s attitude. Not off the court, but on the court. There have been d*******s before him; Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett and Ron Artest. There have been egotistical players before him; Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant. There have been players that seemed unattached to the game; Vince Carter, Amare Stoudamire, and Monte Ellis. But he is neither of those. His body language tells a different story, a story that is rarely seen with so much talent.

In the beginning I thought he was a mixture of a d******* and someone who is disinterested, similar to Paul Pierce in his early years. But that’s not it. Then I thought it was his ego, but that’s not quite it. It’s something else…He’s just kind of a p****. Maybe not a big p****, but he definitely falls between a supreme d***** and a p****. He seems disinterested from the game and from his performance. Yet he stares down referees for no reason other than the fact that he is a p****. He slams the ball on the ground instead of handing it to the ref and glares at his opponent as if to say “I’m Blake Griffin and you’re not so let me dunk.” Now, I have no problem with egotistical players or players that talk trash, but that’s not what Blake Griffin is doing. It’s hard to explain, he just has this body language of a p****. And that may be who the real Blake Griffin is, a p****. Which explains why Ron Ron wants to fight him so badly.


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