Mixed Martial Articulation: Practice Safe Choking

Hey Guys,

I know it has been a long long time since I have been keeping up with the MMA blog, the Show is still running strong every Tuesday from 7-8pm here on KSSU.com. Grad school is BRUTAL and I am almost done.

Well I would love to talk about Alistair Overeem failing a drug test, or how Rampage is making videos of how to rape women on Youtube or maybe a breakdown of Evans vs Jones.

Unfortunately in my usual run around the internet of my favorite MMA sites, I came across a reminder of last weekend’s tragedy in which a 14 year old accidentally choked out his older cousin at a Wrestlemania party.

It was a tragic accident where a few guys horsing around left in a rear naked choke in too long, costing a young man his life.

I feel compelled to do a few quick reminders about Martial Arts:

1. DO NOT play around with chokes, joint locks and throws. They are meant to incapacitate you, under the supervision of a professional these are safe techniques to practice, without trained professionals they are incredibly stupidly dangerous.

2. TAP, there is no ego in a dojo…well at least there should not be. Just tap, then you can get better because you are not injured or unconscious. I know with a good choke you can sleep REAL QUICK, like REAL REAL QUICK. I have been told I have taken a nap within a few seconds.

3. PROTECT YOUR PARTNER, training takes two, don’t ever forget that.

4. To reiterate, Under trained supervision, these are safe techniques to be practiced.

I am a big fan of Rener Gracie’s “Gracie breakdown” series on youtube. It is a great way for grapplers to see a professional analysis of some of the sick submissions, transitions and throws you see in fights. They did an amazing PSA style episode about this tragic incident and talk about the “tell tale signs” of being put to sleep and it is a great video that NEEDS to be spread around. As grappling continues to grow, there is a legitimate fear of young people “playing” ju jitsu, Judo, shoot wrestling, whatever.

Oh yeah and GO TO A SCHOOL to practice this stuff.



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