Furyon Band and Album Review

Furyon’s latest album Gravitas, Has just recently come out and it is a great example of metal. Very hard head banging fun! Having listened to the album they actually remind me a fair amount of the band Killswitch Engage. This band, coming from the UK originally, has done very well in my opinion. Bringing a cool combination of  heavy metal, progressive, and classic rock. Though I don’t always listen to metal this is definitely a bad that I would keep on my playlist if I was in the mood. With songs like “Disappear Again” and “Don’t Follow” its hard to not like the Hard Melodic sound they bring. I did however find some of their songs to be less than appealing.  Not that they were bad but more that I didn’t really care for them. In example there song “Souvenirs” is a 7 plus minuet song that I found myself somewhat bored throughout. At one point I thought had listened to a few more songs not realizing that the song had still been playing. Because of that I found the song to be hard to like. This was because it was so long and didn’t catch my attention through a lot of it. All in all they don’t seem to be doing to badly I mean one or 2 “meh” songs out of 12 is pretty good. There is no doubt there going to be high up there with the metal crowds. At least I would like to think they are doing well! If you are interested in learning more about them I suggest checking out there web sight http://www.furyon.net/ and if you wanna hear there music there on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gravitas/id503846296 (this is the link to their latest’s Album)

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