Novels (Band and Album Review)


Finally got a chance to listen to this CD by Novels entitled Mirror Dog. I found this band to be pretty awesome, Having started playing in La Mans, France, a town near Paris, France. Their genre is a cool Loud Rock/ metal like genre, DIY Rock if you will. Having opened for a few big names such as DEFTONES, and DOG EAT DOG, I would say there growing popularity fairly well! They Realeased there First E.P., Picture Perfect, in 2007 that ended up getting nominated for being the “Best Unsigned Record” by a popular french magazine known as Guitar Part. After there E.P they went on to release another album in 2010 called Savior, which ended up in the top 10 albums of 2010 in 2 different reviews. Following that Album is Mirror Dog. This album has just recently come out but after having listened to it, i have no doubt that this band will be living up to its past achievements. I highly suggest if your into hard rock or even some metal you check these guys out. They’re quite impressive! Make sure to go to so check out some of there music!

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