Perfectly Old Tales Told In Imperfectly New Ways

Through out all my years in high school I was in drama. I first was enrolled in the class after being in a play in middle school then I started being participating in the plays and musicals. For our senior superlatives I won Most Likely To Be A Hollywood Star. To say the least I love to act, and I love to watch plays or write them! As the spring break passed us so quickly I was not informed of my old high school’s upcoming spring play. I knew that I had to find a way to get down back to South San Francisco as soon as possible. Thankfully my thoughtful friend, Daniel, offered to pick me up all the in Sacramento. He drove four hours for me and in return I bought him a subway sandwich with my gift card. Not that fair of a trade, however the car ride was fun. When I got to my school I was very anxious to see my old drama teacher Mr. Crockett. He is the person who inspired me to act, and who helped me create the dream I have today. Which is to become an independent movie film actress. I screamed of excitement and gave him a big hug because I missed him so much. Before the show starts, the cast waits backstage in the band room as they do warm-ups and as Mr. Crockett gives everyone a pep talk. I walked in and gave a greeting to my fellow drama peers and told them all to “break hundreds of legs!” which in theatre talk means good luck.. times one hundred!

The name of the play is Perfectly Old Tales Told In Imperfectly New Ways. Which is an original play. The entire cast and director, Mr. Crockett, all pitched in to write the whole script and direct it. It was a very new and experimental thing, they used a projector to put up images, videos and sounds. The theme of the play was to take old stories and tell them in new ridiculous ways, hence the title of the play. For instance instead of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves there was Amanda and the Four Mexicans. It was about this modern model who incredibly air headed however very pretty. And a mean old top model who was trying to take over. Rather than a mirror there was the TV to refer to and ask questions. Another story was Dmitri Goes To Ball which was a play on Cinderella. However it took play in Communist Russia and the prince, Joseph Stalin’s sun, was gay. Also there was The Mysterious Tale of Humpty Dumpty where two detectives tied to figure out the cause of his death. The only piece of evidence was the kinky photos on Humpty’s phone and a voice mail of the famous song “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses and all the kings men tried to put Humpty together again”. Overall the play was hilarious, there were eight vignettes all told beautifully! As a drama alumni I am very proud of the work that the students put together. And I enjoyed each tale, for they all made me cry of laughter!


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