Review: Jeffree Star’s “Virginity” EP

If you are able to withstand the shock value sent out by Jeffree Star’s bright pink hair alone, you’ve already been far too desensitized.

But that’s just it; we’ve been desensitized.

I am a big fan of Jeffree Star.  He’s crude, vulgar, freakish, and shamelessly gay–and he’s proud of it.  He’s got more blasphemous tattoos than a Marylin Manson concert, more fabulous than Miss America, and doesn’t give a %#&@!  His release “Beauty Killer” showed that even though his lyrics are far from artistic, good production can make someone with little true talent sound radio-worthy.  I don’t say that to bash him–his talents are not musical, but promotional.  Still, “Beauty Killer” was a masterpiece in it’s own right.

But his new installment, “Virginity”, fell a little flat.  But this could be explained by a variety of different reasons:

  1. Jeffree’s already gotten as shocking as he can get.  Anything he makes now is going to look tame compared to what he accomplished earlier in his career.
  2. This album has a new sound.  It’s more of him trying to make dance anthems than actually making music that fits him and his personality.
  3. Every song says almost exactly the same thing.  EVERY SONG.  I feel as if I just listened to the same track seven times
  4. Jeffree sold out.

I think that last one is the most likely.  Similar to Breathe Carolina, Jeffree gained fame by appealing to “scene” kids, a subculture that looks like a glammed-out version of emo.   Also, like Breathe Carolina, their latest work has been targeted for a larger audience and, in the process, certain elements of their music needed to be edited or, in some cases, omitted.  For example, Breathe Carolina utilized less of Kyle’s Metal screaming and Jeffree’s lyrics are far less violent.  However, unlike Breathe Carolina, Jeffree’s unlikely musical genious did not make the cut.

Any old person will a version of “Garage Band” on their iPad can make a Dance track these days, but it takes a certain spark to make that track jump out of the speakers and into the very core of your being.  Breathe Carolina was able to accomplish that.  Jeffree Star wasn’t.

Now, this collection isn’t truly bad.  If the hooks in these track were catchier, I’d be all over it.  But “Virginity” lacks that spark that makes an album truly infectious and unforgettable.  “Blow Me” would be a good candidate for this criteria, but it’s hard to get into something where the lyrics are only a long string of profanities.  “Virginity”, the title track, is almost there, but gets monotonous after repeating “I got no apologies” so many times.  We get it already!  Move on!

That’s another thing that killed this album was repetition.  There was too much of it!  How many times do you really have to say both F-words in a row?  And I think I already know it’s my birthday, saying it fifty times won’t change anything.

The sad thing was that in this album, Jeffree’s signature blood-and-gore lyrics are gone.  “Beauty Killer” was lyrically almost as much of a blood bath as an actual murder.  But the concept of mixing violence and glamour made the album pop with the message that beauty and fame really are pain.  While the lyrics were never particularly deep, lines such as” Depression, my new obsession, home sweet home/self-mutilation like a sick art show” gave each track kind of a macabre brilliance that made you want to keep listening.  In “Virginity”, there are no gimicks, no hooks to reel you in.  I love Jeffree, but this time he let me down.

“Virginity” isn’t available for purchase yet, but “Prom Night” is available on iTunes and you can access the separate tracks on Youtube easily.  You can find a complete track listing here.

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