Trayvon Martin and the Media

The Trayvon Martin case is a sad story of a young black male losing his life far before his prime. And the media wants to keep it there, at the black part. The surface is clear; a 28 year old male of Caucasian and Latino decent shot a 17 year old black male because he looked “suspicious.” This of course is a clear problem (seemingly racial profiling), but what is really troubling is that Mr. Zimmerman (the trigger man) was not arrested (by arrested I mean they did not handcuff him and hold him until trial). He wasn’t charged for a crime and was let go after he told his side of the story. A young man (a minor at that) was shot and there was no charge.

The media caught wind and began “investigating” immediately. They found out that there is a “Stand your ground” law that gives regular citizens the right to use “deadly force” if they feel “threatened.” So in Florida (and about nine other states) there is a law that allows for citizens to take law into their own hands. The media of course reported on this, but that was not their main focus. Neither was the seemingly botched “investigation” or how the 2nd Amendment seems to be the strongest Amendment of all. They instead focused on the kid and his skin color. The media talked about hoodies, “misleading pictures,” Skittles, “gang signs,” suspension, “drug” use by Tayvon, and some more hoodies. The media did what the media does best: They took an important news story that could be the catalyst to have a legitimate discussion about the 2nd Amendment, laws, poor/careless police work, race (talking about hoodies and the possibility that he said “coon” under his breathe does not count) and gun restrictions. But instead we have TV anchors yelling at empty chairs, white people complaining about hoodies and CNN playing the same second and a half recording over and over again because he might have said “coon.” Sadly, one of the best displays for the sorrow that is the Trayvon Martin case (which includes media coverage) was that one Tweet by the Miami Heat. Damn.


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