Wardrobe Wednesdays!

I love fashion, it’s everything. Looks mean a lot to me. By looks I don’t mean whether a person is good looking or not. But how a person presents themselves. The way you dress can say so much about you. It describes your mind and your attitude. If you choose to walk outside of the house in sweat pants, I can assume that today is a lazy day. If you walk out in a cute dress, it might mean you’re in a fun mood. Your fashion plays a big part in defining who you are and what kind of things you like or don’t like. Even the type of music you listen to. I started to develop a sense of style a little bit more than a year ago. As this fashion sense started to grow, so did my confidence. I began to love all the little pieces I put together. Everyday I dressed nice I felt like I done something creative. Because creating a cute outfit does take some thinking. It tied in with my desire to make my own clothes. I like to sew, cut and glue things. When combining all these hobbies together, the out come is an awesome shirt or updated shorts or cute socks!
However starting school this semester was very difficult. Dealing with so many errands, school, projects and a ton of emotional baggage from people’s non sense. I felt like my style didn’t become a priority. I started to feel like it was dying down, in my eyes at least. So I wanted to pump it up, and get the ball rolling on to a whole new level of fashion. There is this website called lookbook.nu where people post photos of their cute outfits. Every detail of their outfits was glamourous! I wanted to be able to put some of my outfits on the website and get “hyped”. Which is probably equivalent to a facebook “like”.
A friend and I had so many ideas that we wanted to express through our clothes. We had tons of clothes that wanted to recreate or pieces that we wanted to buy in order to build of fashion sense. So we came up with the idea of Wardrobe Wednesdays. Every wednesday we would get together and make clothes! Yesterday being the 1st day of WW was wonderful. We woke up extra early, around 8am and went shopping. Around 9pm, after we finished all our homework, duties and got a nice meal in we then worked in my room. We were so tired by that time, it was starting to feel like WW would turn into a sweat shop! However we were determined. I have this navy blue maxi skirt that had a tear so I began to sew that. My friend, who is really into studs, took the studs of my belt and re-studded them on to a pair of light blue jean shorts. As I finished sewing, I started my next item. I had the incredibly large cheetah fur coat that I cut up around December. So I had a bunch of excess cheetah fur that needed to he put to use. So I attached some fur on to the top of my grey thigh high socks, by hot gluing the pieces together. Then moved on to the next project. I had this black collar that I cut from an old  button up. I put three studs on each side of the collar, six total. Which ended up looking very cute, however had an edgy feel. After 2 hours of working my friend finally finished studding her shorts and I completed the three items.
It felt great to do such fun work with an even better outcome. We now have adorable clothes that we put together ourselves! WW was a big hit, and definitely. an not wait for the next week to see what new items we’ll come up with next.

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