Music Review – Bassnectar VAVA VOOM

ImageAs the world of bass and dubstep reaches full speed, artists like Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) are fueling the genre and shaping it into the huge phenomenon it’s becoming.

Bassnectar’s newest album, VAVA VOOM, brings it with the proper amount of bass and other musical influences to bring fans in closer and maybe even bring some dubstep skeptics into the scene. The first track, “Vava voom” featuring Lupe Fiasco, takes a glitchy hook and a hip hop beat to make a song that will appeal to hip hop fans as well as electronica fans. Lupe Fiasco’s lyrics seem to feel right at home in this track, making it the best candidate for popularity on major radio stations and clubs. Next up, we got a trance influenced number, “Empathy”, which takes Bassnectar’s signature sound and makes it a little less “in your face”. I was really excited to see that Amp Live helped write the third track, “Ugly”, taking Amp Live’s samples and mixing it up with awesome drum n bass throughout. The track that I keep replaying for its originality and basic cool factor, is number four, “Ping Pong”, which opens and closes with a simple ping pong game. The ping pong sounds get a serious makeover that will have you pushing replay too.

The album keeps bringing it with “What” and “Do It Like This” and then takes a turn that shows Bassnectar’s background and future. “Pennywise Tribute” samples Ashton’s old death metal band from high school with some dubstep drops in the end. The album winds down a little after that, taking on a dreamy state, possibly inducing some sort of musical enchantment or spell. “Laughter Crescendo” took a simple laugh and made it something else, pure bliss of a song. “Butterfly” and “Nothing Has Been Broken” were just as blissful, but I don’t see myself skipping past anything to get to these songs.

The album ends with a set of “outtakes”, adding a lot of personality to the album. I think Lorin Ashton was going for just that with the album-personality. I love the energy of this album and the guests and influences, it will definitely be getting major play in my iPod. I seriously look forward to seeing him perform on May 4th here in Sacramento at the Memorial Auditorium!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta listen–I haven’t yet and now I will! Also, I love DJ Laura Love.

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