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Independent films are professional films that have a limited release outside major film production. They are often screened on Indie Film Festivals and some times associated with low budget productions. You can sometimes tell if a film is independent based on the style. The film maker’s artistic personal view is portrayed through the film.

I started watching independent films when I was about 13. On the weekends I would stay home and watch them on my computer till almost 4 in the morning. It was all so new to me. The thing I enjoyed about them was how weird they were, how disturbing they would get, and how it would go over topics that I would never see in most movies. Indie films try to reach a deeper meaning in life, they go beyond the surface. They wow you in strange ways. Whenever I watch an indie film, I always cringe because I cannot believe what’s going on and how good it is!

For a while I used to be into gay cinema because the films were just outrageous. TLA Releasing is an independent movie production that distributes LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transexual) films. Most of their films deal with conflicts in sexuality. Which are portrayed in mysterious dramatic ways. However some of the films are very open about being gay, which turns into an outrageous comedy. Being straight, all of this was so taboo to me, which really was interesting. I never knew that there was so much culture in Homosexuality and then developed through movies. Movies that had a certain intrigue to them. My favorite movie was Another Gay Movie under TLA Releasing. It was a parody of American Pie but instead with four gay guys.  Instead of there being a Stifler there was a very dominant lesbian named Muffler. The movie was hilarious to say the least, all the points and themes were spot on.

Another movie from TLA I really liked was Mysterious Skin starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Brady Corbett. This movie was very dark and dramatic. It was about two boys who have been sexually assaulted as a child and shows how it affects them differently as they grow up. One becomes reckless and goes into prostitution. While the other grows up to be very sheltered and is stuck on the idea of alien abduction. It’s a very sad movie, it makes me cry every time I watch yet. But again it is so good.  Some movies that are made independently do so well that they then get distributed through main stream production. For example the popular movie Juno was originally distributed under limited release. However it’s critical praise and like ability made the movie very popular and famous. It was said that the movie cause a “Juno Effect” because of the pregnancy theme. By glamorizing the experience, making girls across the country want to get pregnant. Thinking that the journey will be as great as portrayed in the movie. Because indie movies like Juno touch subjects that can make people feel uncomfortable, is the reason I watch them.

In reality it’s these everyday topics that we don’t discuss. But in indie film making, it becomes art.


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