Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Last Airbender introduced us to a wonderful world where people could manipulate one of four elements, fire, air, water and earth in a form of martial art called bending. The show premiered on Nickelodeon in 2005 and lasted three great seasons ending with an amazing four part finale in 2008. Now the original creators are bringing back the world of the Avatar with a new series called The Legend of Korra.  The first two episodes of the new series have been released on the Nickelodeon website for preview and are available on ITunes as a free download for a limited time. For fans of the original series worried about the integrity of the new series I am here to tell you that The Legend of Korra has and will continue to live up to the high bar set by the original series.

The story takes place seventy years after the events of Avatar: The last Airbender and focuses on the adventures of the new avatar, Korra.  Korra is a 17 year old girl born of the Southern Water Tribe who has already mastered three elements, water, earth, and fire and must now learn to master airbending from Tenzin, son of Aang and Katara. Korra’s journey to learn airbending takes her to Republic City. While in the city Korra is confronted with the main problem that will persist throughout the series, a group on non-benders (people who are unable to control any of the four elements) called the Equalists. The Equalists dislike their social position below what they call “the bending elite” and seek social reform through revolution, they are lead by a mysterious masked figure known only as Amon.

The world of The Legend of Korra has advanced beyond what was seen in The Last Airbender. The technology is that of the 1920’s United States. The streets are filled with automobiles, radios are everywhere and the police use airships to patrol the city from above. All these aspects give the setting a fresh new feeling to the series while still remaining true to its roots. Everything is still rooted around the martial art of bending. The Police force used metalbending to keep the peace and subdue criminals. A new sport called Pro-Bending has been created. It is based around two teams each composed of one waterbender, one earthbender and one firebender. Each team must use their skills to push the other back further and further until they are knocked off the arena. The secret society of the first series, The Order of the White Lotus, has a more prominent role in world and protecting the avatar.

I still cannot believe the wonderful creativity and originality in The Legend of Korra.  The creators have in no way tarnish the great series only enhanced it. Humor is still found in the characters and situations. The music is all new and feels like it did in the old series, serious, humors, spiritual, and diverse.

The Legend of Korra premiered April 14, 2012 on Nickelodeon, I highly recommend you check out the series!


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  2. […] Avatar: The Legend of Korra (kssunews.wordpress.com) […]

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